ENSTA Bretagne : Mot d'accueil des nouveaux étudiants en amphi par le directeur de la formation

New academic year 2023-2024

Please consult our web pages to prepare for the start of your school year.

Below you will find information on:


International students: To help you get organized for your arrival, have a look at our Checklist for the new academic year

    1/ Dates

    Find your back-to-school schedule by signing in to your personal online space (Aurion).

    2/ Administrative procedures: your online dossier

    To complete your administrative application, please have the documents listed below saved in PDF format (one document per PDF). If you have not yet sent us these documents at the time of admission, you must upload them by clicking on the Administrative record menu of your personal online space (Aurion) by August 1.

    List of PDF documents required
    Diplôme d'ingénieur (i.e. MSc in Eng.) students: Master or Advanced Master students: 
    • Identity photo which meets the rules
    • Scanned copy of your passport or identity card (both sides)
    • Birth certificate translated into French
    • For students awarded a place on an application basis: Most recent qualification or certificate of achievement if you have not yet graduated
    • Scan of your high school diploma
    • Bank details (RIB)
    • Proof of financial resources (non-residents of France)
    • European health card (EU residents)
    • Third-party liability insurance certificate
    • CVEC (student services fee) proof of payment
    • Copy of your residence permit or receipt

    3/ Residence permit

    For non-EU international students: 

    • You must prepare the documents required for your residence permit. You can find a list of required documents on the Centre de Mobilité Internationale website by clicking on Residence permit.

    4/ IT equipment

    We ask each student to please get their own personal laptop.

    5/ Student health insurance 

    How to apply for health insurance

    6/ Third-party liability insurance

    • Third-party liability insurance is mandatory during both studies and internships. It covers any damage that you might cause to another person or to property. It does not cover damage to your person or property; therefore it is recommended that you take out an individual insurance policy to cover accidents or injury.
    • To obtain third-party liability insurance, contact your parents’ insurer or any bank or insurance agency.
    • The cost of a policy varies from €10 to €40 for the school year.

    7/ Tuition fees

    To validate your enrollment at ENSTA Bretagne, your administrative application must be complete and your tuition fees paid at the time of enrollment, at the latest by August 18.
    New students who have not paid their fees will not receive a student card.

    Your registration fee information can be found in your personal online space (Aurion).

    You can pay:

    ENSTA Bretagne bursaries are reserved for French nationals and nationals of a European Union Member State.
    International students from non-EU countries who have been living in France for at least 2 years and can prove to have been members of a taxable household in France for at least 2 years may also be eligible for bursaries.

    8/ Scientific refresher class to get your year off to the best start

    We encourage all students about to begin the 2nd year of the engineering program to take a scientific refresher class before they arrive.
    Available on Moodle, the scientific refresher class is also recommended to students doing the Electronic Systems and Software Design and Security Master or the Mobile Robotics Master.

    9/ Important information & Contacts

    On the General information for the new academic year page, you will find information about student residence, dining, access to the school, Student Union welcome activities, etc.

    The school will be closed from July 20 (evening) up to and including August 15, 2023. 

    If you have any questions about:


    Marie-Pierre Cabon
    Gestion administrative des dossiers étudiants
    Bourses d'études
    +33 (0)2 98 34 87 85


    Sylvie Guidal
    Conseillère d'études
    Référente handicap pour les étudiants
    Bureau : F107B
    +33 (02) 98 34 88 63


    Odile Le Guen / Catherine de Castro
    Résidence des élèves
    +33 (0)2 98 34 88 02


    Laurent Gogé
    Agence comptable (paiement)
    +33 (0)2 98 34 88 80


    Laurence Gautier
    Conseillère d'études
    Bureau F107
    +33 (0)2 98 34 88 80


    Informations spécifiques
    Voie militaire (IETA)