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Jie: A Chinese engineering student’s experience

24 June 2016
After studying for five years at the University of Tongji in Shanghai, Jie enrolled in the second year of the ENSTA Bretagne engineering program through a partnership between these two schools. After two years at ENSTA, she graduated with a double degree: an engineering degree from ENSTA and a Master's degree from the University of Tongji.
Class of 2015
Vehicle Architecture Engineer

Swift integration

In September 2013, Jie arrived at ENSTA's Brest campus and met several other Chinese transfer students, who quickly became friends. "The beginning of the school year was pretty intense. It took me a few months to understand and succeed in doing the exercises we were being given. I got ahead because of my French classes (included in the program) and by working a lot outside of class."

Jie worked together with French students on all her projects. "They were always willing to help me. The group projects taught me a lot about the culture and ways of working in France; how to approach a project and write a report, for example."

Jie received help from the Cellule Accor* (student support and orientation) with administrative organizations like the CAF and with visa requests. 

* Since 2015, ENSTA Bretagne has worked with the Centre de Mobilité Internationale (CMI), an organization specialized in assisting international students and researchers.  The CMI provides guidance and counseling for visa formalities and questions about banking, accommodation, and insurance.

Life in beautiful Brittany

"I really liked the Breton landscapes and the sea. I also liked the mild climate."

A successful transition to professional life

For her end-of-study internship, Jie left Brittany for the Grand Est region. At SEGULA Technologies in Reims, she worked on mechanical calculation. "Both my integration into the company and my work assignment went really well. The company offered to hire me on a permanent contract in October 2015."

After a short trip back to China to visit her family, whom she hadn't seen for two years, Jie made the move to Reims.  "I got along with my colleagues right away, so I'm among friends there.

This first work experience in France will be a real jumping-off point for my career, and it gives me an opportunity to continue improving my French."