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Swann: Hydrographer and Project Manager

17 April 2015
Swann (Class of 2013) is a hydrographer and project manager with Mesuris. He works on various sites to produce underwater data such as bathymetric channel maps, high-resolution images of quays or wrecks, searches for pipelines or even sunken traces of history.
Class of 2013

Swann travels throughout France for his company's clients, who include independent ports, harbor construction companies, the French waterways organization (VNF), and departmental councils. He's also involved in the technical, administrative and logistical preparation of each project, in coordination with the client and various partners. Once on site, he ensures that the study runs smoothly and generates high-quality data.

I'm the first technical link in the data production chain, and if I make a mistake, there are financial consequences or delays. I have to do my best to adapt to the conditions on site and provide good quality data. About three quarters of my time is spent in the field, and the rest in the office.

In a typical week, Swann's time in the office is spent preparing for new assignments, monitoring maintenance on the ship, and sometimes helping with other company initiatives. When he's on site, from one to six days at a time, he works in a team of two consisting of himself and the commander, who doubles as the truck driver and crane operator when loading or unloading the survey vessel. Swann enjoys many things about his new career:

  • "The technical aspect, because we use cutting-edge technology.
  • The DIY aspect, because when we have a problem on site, whether it's with the electronics, the GPS, IT, mechanics or software, we have to solve it ourselves.
  • The human aspect, because it's always interesting to meet clients, show them how we work and learn about their particular needs.
  • The fact that my job is focused on field work, but I can spend most weekends at home."