ENSTA Bretagne : formation en architecture navale, navires de surface et sous-marins
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Sébastien: Navy submarine engineer

25 January 2012
After completing a technical diploma in Mechanical Engineering and Manufacturing, Sébastien attended the co-op engineering program at ENSTA Bretagne from 2007 to 2010. After graduating, he continued to work for his host company Constructions Mécaniques de Normandie (CMN), and he was later hired by DCNS to work on their submarine program.
class of 2010

"The co-op engineering program attracted me because I wanted to be more financially independent and to have three years of work experience. I started looking for an employer early on; I visited CMN while I was at the IUT, and I did my internship there. I was very interested in naval construction so I applied for a work-study contract with them. 

I discovered ENSTA Bretagne's co-op program by searching online. ENSTA Bretagne is the only school to offer a major in Naval Architecture and it's really well-known among manufacturers. It is a very interesting and comprehensive program, and life on campus is really enjoyable. The buildings are new and modern and the facilities, including the extra-curricular activity areas, are great. Brest is pretty far from home, but I really like Brittany, and the atmosphere at the school and in the student residence is fantastic.

If you want to get into a good engineering school after doing a technical diploma, my advice is to work hard during the two–year diploma course, and start looking for a host company early on. Once your application has been accepted, you have to prepare well for the interview. Then you have to keep on top of your class work, so stay motivated!"

After a few years at CMN, Sébastien decided it was time for a change and new technological challenges. Today, he's a planning manager for Naval Group's submarine adaptation program, where he works with numerous other technical specialists to analyze needs and oversee CAD models and plans while respecting schedules, budgets and quality.