ENSTA Bretagne : Groupe d'étudiants réunis au Foy'z

Cultural and entertainment organizations

Entertainment, culture, letting your hair down…the cultural and entertainment associations and clubs offer a wide range of activities.


Every year, a new team gets busy organizing THE evening highlight of the year. This event brings together students, teaching staff, graduates and partners for a dazzling gala in a sumptuous setting. Decoration, Choreography, Security, Communication, Logistics, Sponsorship...the team takes care of everything down to the smallest detail to make this a night to remember!

"BDAV" (Bureau de l'audiovisuel: the Audio-Visual Bureau)

Members of the Audio-Visual Bureau are there to record the best moments in ENSTA Bretagne student life, through photos or videos.

Themed photographic exhibitions are organized by the BDAV from time to time in the school’s entrance hall.

Club Musique

All levels of musicians play all sorts of instruments in this club. The members get together regularly to rehearse on campus in the dedicated music room, which is totally equipped. The club organizes jam sessions and concerts thoughout the school year. 


United by a passion for painting, art and design, the students of the Kult’art club work on artistic projects in their free time. Their help has been invaluable in creating the decor for the Gala, the design of logos for the student clubs and associations and even a mural on campus.

Fanf'ENSTA (Brass band)

Like the bandas in the South West, the brass band is a merry band of musicians who add atmosphere on campus. They regularly accompany the supporters club to different sports competitions.

Pom-Pom and Pim-Pim

United and motivated, the Pom-Poms and the Pim-Pims are always there to support and encourage the school’s teams.
The cheerleaders also regularly take part in events organized by Brest Cityhall, such as evenings in bars or even take part in the spotrs tournaments such as the Ovalies.

Games Bureau (BDJ)

Board games, role-playing games, figurines, the members of the club meet up regularly around a table to go head to head in different rounds.
Many graphic novels are also available in the club’s facilities.


The Yeti Sound System unites the school’s DJs. The team mixes for different events organized on campus (induction, Foy’z evenings, the BDE (student union) campaign, etc) or outside (galas in other schools or universities, evenings etc).


Philistine or seasoned artist, ENSTA Drama is a united bunch who get together to do improvisation, theatrical activities and rehearsals.
At the end of every year (civil and academic), several plays are put on in the school for students and staff. Laughs and emotion guaranteed!


The oenology club introduces members to the tasting of different wines, whilst teaching them about the different stages and production methods: varieties, harvesting, vinification, fermentation, the different vineyards and discerning the flavors. The workshops are held in small groups, led by a wine merchant from the city of Brest.

Dance Club

Every Wednesday evening, beginners and dance floor experts get together to dance rock, acrobatic rock, salsa and even hip hop!


Billard Club

Bringing together enthusiasts of all levels, the billiards club puts on snooker and carom billiard tournaments throughout the year on campus and in other venues. For practice, members can play at the various billiard tables provided in the dedicated room at the student union and students’ common room, Foy'z.




ENSTA Bretagne : concert du club musique lors du gala de l'école
ENSTA Bretagne : Club étudiant YESS - Yéti Sound System - Soirée étudiante
ENSTA Bretagne : club fanfare
ENSTA Bretagne : tournage d'un film par la BDAV (Bureau de l'audiovisuel)
ENSTA Bretagne : Bureau des Jeux
ENSTA Bretagne : démonstration du club danse

Club Danse

Viens découvrir le club de danse de l'école ! Chaque mercredi soir, nous te proposons d'apprendre les pas du rock, du rock acrobatique, de salsa ou encore de hip-hop.

Julien Ogor
ENSTA Bretagne : représentation du club théâtre


Que tu sois néophyte ou comédien aguerri, avec ENSTA'Drama tu intégreras une troupe soudée par des séances où improvisation, exercices de théatre et répétitions se mêlent pour finir toujours en franche partie de rigolade.