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Spencer Dahl

Sidonie, Senior Sonar Engineer

27 April 2015
Design Engineer with Thales Underwater Systems Division
Sidonie (Class of 2002), Electronics and Signal Processing specialization
Class of 2002
Senior Sonar Engineer

As a technical expert, Sidonie works in the development and production of sonar for French and foreign marine services.

My role is to provide a finished product that best serves the needs and practices of operators. I work on coding and on developing sonar data processing algorithms and I constantly strive to stay up to date in my field.

I work closely with sonar operators on research to improve processes. The key point is to understand their operational needs, but we also have to be innovative and contribute our external point of view to help them improve practice by integrating new technologies. For example, over the past few years with improvements in calculators which are able to provide much more information, and in displays with touch-screen technology, we've been working a lot on developing appropriate HMIs (Human-Machine Interfaces)." 

Sidonie's work takes her to various international test sites (such as those of the US Navy), and sometimes she even boards maritime patrol planes or ships to check systems' performance at sea. English is her main language at work.