ENSTA Bretagne : formation d'ingénieur en pyrotechnie et propulsion, décollage du lanceur Vega
CNES/ESA/Arianespace/Optique Vidéo CSG, 2016

Laure-Olivia, student engineer specializing in pyrotechnics and propulsion

27 April 2020
Laure-Olivia, 3rd year student in Pyrotechnics, shares with us the memorable moments of her studies, her academic path and her projects for the future.
Class of 2020
Laura-Olivia, student in Pyrotechnics

What was your academic path before coming to ENSTA Bretagne?

I took my Science Baccalaureate in 2015, before going to the Lycée du Parc high school in Lyon, for 2 years of preparatory classes, in MPSI (higher maths, physic and engineering sciences), then “Spé PSI” (advanced physics and engineering sciences).

Why did you choose ENSTA Bretagne?

It was ENSTA Bretagne that chose me! No, seriously, I was attracted by its extensive technical and practical program contents that other schools do not have, and its specialist applied fields, in particular mechanics.

How did you choose your field of study, your specialization ?

I was obviously going to choose a more mechanical rather than a computer-based option, and  sciences linked to space attracted me and led me to specialize in Pyrotechnics and Propulsion

What were the strengths of the training?

ENSTA Bretagne offers a general curriculum, which enables us to work in a field which is completely different from our specialist field if we wish to take advantage of other opportunities. ENSTA Bretagne is the only school to offer certain courses, especially in Pyrotechnics. Our skills are sought after and highly prized in the world of work.

Where did you do your periods abroad?

The quitus (obligation to do a six month internship or study period abroad), was the opportunity for me to go as far away as possible, with the self-imposed condition that it would be a totally new horizon ! So, I did my quitus in Argentina, at San Luis, the capital of the Province San Luis.
I did a research internship at the Universidad Nacional de San Luis, in granular materials, where I studied the oscillatory dynamics of capillary bridges

What did this period abroad bring you?

The period abroad was a great experience because I was lucky enough to live in a province which was not touristy and totally immersed in Argentinean life. Of course, this enabled me to perfect my Spanish, and to discover some extraordinary places (Buenos Aires, Puerto Iguaçu, the Andes, the wine-growing regions, the salt deserts…) as I was lucky enough to be able to go sight-seeing around the country.
It was also an opportunity to become more organized as such a trip needs good preparation.

What were the memorable moments of your 3 years at school?

There are many of them ! My trip to Argentina, a total escape, the freshers period which was a great party time and enabled me to make some really good friends, the BDE (student union) campaigns (which I took part in), the annual balls, which were always really beautiful events, and also the sports tournaments such as the TSGED  (Tournoi Sportif des Grandes Ecoles de la Défense or Graduate Defense Schools Sports Tournament), the CAS (Challenge Armoricain Supelec, taking place at   Centrale Supelec Rennes)…and many others.

Did you like student life in Brest?

Of course ! Student life is particularly active at ENSTA Bretagne, which I really liked. I made friends who I shall keep for a long time, and there are the sports facilities, the Foy’z (on campus student cafe), being close to the city center, the sea… All of these are real plus points for good student life in Brest. 

How are you distance working during the confinement? What do you do in your free time?

I started my PFE (final year project) as I have been a co-op (apprentice) engineer with Thalès LAS France, at La Ferté-Saint-Albin near Orléans since mid-February. I have been telecommuting since the beginning of the confinement. In my free time, I like to cook, watch series, get out in the sun in my garden, read…

What are your plans for the future?

I have not really got a specific plan: nevertheless, I would like to aim for project management in the defense and space sector, after having cut my teeth on a few technical jobs to gain experience. I will bear in mind, however, that the Covid crisis may have an impact on my arrival on the job market.