ENSTA Bretagne : travail d'équipe

A wide range of career paths

With its 3-year program, ENSTA Bretagne trains students to become general and specialist engineers. Students gradually specialize, choosing their major during Year 1.

The general training is completed by specialization in the 2nd and 3rd years for the civilian and military students. Each one of these paths to expertise corresponds to technological issues of the future. They enable young ENSTA Bretagne engineers to be immediately operational and find professional employment rapidly.

ENSTA Bretagne offers nine majors and numerous specialization tracks.

These choices do not restrict ENSTA Bretagne engineers’ careers. On the contrary, they enable them to develop professionally in very diverse directions, whether it be in engineering, research, management, project leadership, executive positions or company creation.

Nine specializations

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Thales DMS

Information technology

The ICT specializations offered are related to the areas of expertise of ENSTA Bretagne’s ICST (Information and Communication Science and Technology) research center. Numerous professional contributors are involved in the program (project proposal submissions, visiting lecturers, etc.) and challenge students with some of the issues they have encountered.

Thanks to this strong involvement of the industry and research community, students are fully aware of current issues. After graduating, they go on to work for large industrial groups, innovative SMEs and research laboratories.

ENSTA Bretagne : les spécialisations du domaine mécanique

Mechanical Science

Cars, ships, rockets…. ENSTA Bretagne students who opt for a mechanical science and technology track develop expertise relevant to all aspects of a system: from designing parts to the whole architecture. Calculations (strength, stability, behavior of materials, etc.) are a major component of the program.

Numerous curricular and extracurricular projects allow students to put their knowledge into practice from digital simulation to designing the final product.

ENSTA Bretagne : Ingénierie et gestion de projet

Business and project management

In this specialization, business science and technical expertise go hand in hand. Students study engineering as well as business management and organizational management. Graduates can go on to work as business managers (several double degrees available) or start their own company with the support of the ENSTARTUPS business incubator.