ENSTA Bretagne : challenge étudiant Shell Eco Marathon - concevoir un véhicule économe en énergie

Scientific and technical associations

Design a robotic sailboat able to cross the Atlantic in total autonomy, design a vehicle that consumes the least amount of energy possible to move, invent a mini rocket able to accomplish several missions…here are some of the challenges that the students have chosen to tackle in the scientific and technical associations of the school. Quantum computing, mechanical design, embedded intelligence, hydrodynamics, motorization…: many skills are developed during these extra-curricular experiments.



Enstransat brings together students with different skills. Their objective: get a robotic sailboat to cross the Atlantic from east to west. Starting from a blank canvas in September 2019, the team drew up the plans for the sailboat in a few months, made the hull and developed the first elements of its embedded intelligence systems


Formula Student Racing Team

Created in 2018, the association aims to take part in the Formula Student Challenge. A racing vehicle is being built: 2m long, 1.5m wide, 200kg and able to go from 0 to 100km/h in 3.5 seconds.


Robotics Club

The robotics club is above all a place to meet. A lot of equipment is available enabling students to develop new robots or enhance others. Together with the school’s doctoral students and researchers, the students take part in European and international competitions.


Shell Eco-Marathon

The club runs two concurrent projects. Every year, the first group optimizes the vehicle which takes part in the “prototype” category so that it cover the longest distance with a very small quantity of energy. The second group designs an “urban concept”: a vehicle which is economical on energy but as close as possible to an urban vehicle on the market. 



The members of Spacieta have stars in their eyes. Their aim: design a mini rocket or experimental rocket which respects the specifications laid down by the CNES and Planète Sciences as part of the C’Space Challenge.

Enstaéro Bretagne

Passionate about aeronautics, the members of this club take part in different activities : the organization of visits and meetings with professionals in the sector, participation in the NAE challenge…One half ogf the club also take advantage of the partnership with Brest AéroClub to have piloting or parachuting lessons.


Cyber Club

Based on the shared knowledge principle, cybersecurity enthusiasts meet each week to develop new skills in the field. The team takes part (and wins) in challenges organized by companies in the cyber field.


"Q Club" : Informatique Quantique

The brainchild of a lecturer and a group of students who were fans of quantum computing, the QClub aims to bring together students who wish to further their knowledge in quantum computing, whatever their level, their specialization and their previous studies. Mini-lessons, projects and visits are on the agenda.




ENSTA Bot’ is the ENSTA Bretagne team which takes part in the French Robotics Cup. This event unites many teams during the yearly robotics tournament. The robots must complete different challenges to win points: put a hockey puck in a basket, push a button…To train their robots, ENSTA Bretagne have an area which is similar to that of the competition.



The association’s ambition is to build a wind turbine from scratch. This is intended to generate electricity for ENSTA Bretagne’s sailboat. Alongside this project, the team is organizing visits and conferences on the renewables theme.


ENSTA Bretagne : participation du club Spacieta à la campagne de lancement de fusées "C-Space"
ENSTA Bretagne : l'équipe du Shell Eco Marathon 2020
ENSTA Bretagne : robots terrestres et aériens utilisés lors du concours ERL Emergency 2019
ENSTA Bretagne : Club étudiant informatique quantique QClub
ENSTA Bretagne : club étudiant ENSTAéro aéronautique

ENSTAéro Bretagne

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