ENSTA Bretagne : Grand hall du campus

Understanding our education system: the “Grandes Ecoles”

Since the 18th century, the Grande Ecole engineering schools have been training students to become managers and senior executives in the French private sector. ENSTA Bretagne is one of these highly selective schools. They can be small to medium-sized, but all provide quality education and have strong ties with the private sector.

Grande Ecole graduates enjoy a status similar to that of Oxbridge graduates in the UK and Ivy League graduates in the United States. They are naturally highly sought after by numerous major companies worldwide. There are about 250 different engineering schools in France. The most prestigious are certified by CTI (Commission des titres d’ingénieur), the accreditation body for French higher education institutions offering engineering training.


Understanding the French Grandes Ecoles education system: equivalency chart

Grandes Ecoles d'ingénieurs : équivalence de système éducatif