ENSTA Bretagne : Bureau des élèves 2021-2022

The Student Union, a key student organization

The Student Union is the hub of student life on campus and organizes key events such as student integration, gala dinners, campaigns, etc.

The Student Union coordinates all extracurricular activities on offer to students: social and sporting events, galas, welcome weekend for new students, cohesion day (for students, faculty and staff members), etc.

ENSTA Bretagne : Comédie Musicale du gala 2018

Gala – an evening of glitz and glamor

Organized from A to Z by the students, the gala is THE event of the year

ENSTA Bretagne : Activités nautiques en rade de Brest, planche à voile

Water sports

In close proximity, the Brest Roadstead is an immense water sports playground. Whether you are a beginner or an expert, many activities are possible with the Bureau de la Glisse and ENSTA Bretagne Sailing Team.

ENSTA Bretagne : semaine au ski organisée par le BDE

Ski Week

Each year, the BDE organizes a minimum cost, maximum fun winter sports week!

ENSTA Bretagne : séance billard au foyer des élèves

The Foy'z

Managed by the Foy’s men & women (students from the school), the Foy’z is THE place to get together outside lessons: have a coffee in the lunch break, have a snack after evening lessons and spend some quality time with friends.

ENSTA Bretagne : soirée au foyer des élèves (Foy'z)

The Foy’z by night

Regularly throughout the year, there are theme evenings organized in the students’ building (Foy’z): Mix nights (hosted by the YESS: Yéti Sound System), poker or match evenings…there is something for everyone.

ENSTA Bretagne : Week-end d'intégration

Integration Weekend

The culmination of the freshers period, the integration weekend is two days of festive fun organized by the student union each year in September.

ENSTA Bretagne : pratique du sport, volley féminin


Sport is an integral part of ENSTA Bretagne student life. Every Thursday afternoon and evening there are training sessions on offer, via the sports association. There are numerous events and tournaments throughout the year: FFSU, TSGED, TOSS etc

The student life center

The Student Union is in charge of the student life center and the student lounge and coordinates the network of student clubs.

The Sports Union

The Sports Union is part of the Student Union and offers a wide range of sports activities (rugby, handball, volleyball, soccer, basketball, swimming, fencing, table tennis, tennis, badminton, judo, diving, climbing, sailing, etc.), most of which can be enjoyed on campus.

The clubs

Numerous clubs offer a wide range of cultural and leisure activities: video, IT, astronomy, model building, photography, cue sports, comic book reading, role-playing, drama, music...

And if your dream sport isn’t available yet, the Student Union and the school will help you get it on the list!


Where can you order your year’s sweatshirt…at the Boutique ! Other items are also available on sale from the Maison des Eleves.

Major events!

It’s the start of the school year. This month is all about welcoming new students, culminating with the welcome weekend (WEI) and the Hydrocontest challenge.


International student event. A time for international students to take center stage.


Student Alumni Forum and Gala.


Forum Ouest Avenir


Open House event
SKI week


Student Union election campaign: 3 weeks to elect the new committee.


Start of the sailing competitions


WER: Alumni reunion weekend 


End-of-year party


President of the Student Union
Student engineer (class 2024)