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Lorraine : Systems Modeling Architect

30 April 2015
Lorraine's role draws on two main skill sets : systems engineering and software. In her team of four modelers, Lorraine makes decisions, sets priorities, works with sub-contractors and manages development costs for complex projects.
Class of 2014
Systems Modeling Architect

This technical role requires skills that I acquired over time. My day-to-day work touches on mechanics, electronics, software and management: it's a multifaceted role, and I'm learning more every day.

My work mainly deals with systems modeling in SysML (Systems Modeling Language). Systems modeling takes the functions created by system architects and formats their consistencies (and inconsistencies) on the computer. Basically, my job is to express and validate the work of system architects. I need to be able to manage our modeling software and also the overall performance of the model.

The challenges that come up in my job are exactly the kind that a young engineer like me, fresh out of school, hopes to take on. My office environment is friendly and supportive, too."

In December 2014, Jean-Yves Le Drian announced the SCORPION program, which planned to renew the French Army's armored vehicle fleet. Lorraine is working with Nexter Systems' Functional and Dysfunctional Systems Architecture department to design one of these vehicles.

Testimony of Lorraine, a graduate of ENSTA Bretagne, on her job as an engineer in the defense industry.