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Erasmus + is the famous European exchange program dedicated to student, teachers and staff mobility, created in 1987 by the European Union. ENSTA Bretagne is a major player in this program. Every year, many ENSTA Bretagne students and staff take advantage of it for an academic stay or internship.

The Erasmus+ Charter and international strategy

ENSTA Bretagne has undertaken to respect the fundamental principles of the Erasmus+ Charter, stipulated in its international strategy.

Who is Erasmus+ for?

  • Students enrolled at ENSTA Bretagne who wish to do a 3 to 12 month academic exchange in a European partner university;
  • Students enrolled at ENSTA Bretagne doing a 2 to 12 month internship in a European country ;
  • ENSTA Bretagne teaching staff, for teaching or training purposes of 2 years to 2 months, with a minimum of 8 hours of teaching per week for educational activities ;
  • The administrative staff of ENSTA Bretagne for training purposes, for 2 days to 2 months maximum.

Institutional agreements

The institutional agreements enable study and teaching mobility between European higher education establishments. ENSTA Bretagne has more than 30 agreements in 10 different European countries.

ENSTA Bretagne has several bilateral agreements with universities situated in Europe.

Discover the list of our European partners

In the case of internship mobility, there is no need to establish an institutional agreement between the establishment and the company/host establishment. ENSTA Bretagne is part of two consortia:
  • "ITII Bretagne" Consortium for co-operative (apprentice) engineer internships;
  • "Internship" Consortium with ENSICAEN (the consortium leader), TPS (Télécom Physique Strasbourg), TSE (Télécom Saint-Etienne) and ENSEA (Cergy-Pontoise) for student engineer internships in information science and technologies.


What are the selection criteria for the Erasmus+ program

ENSTA Bretagne selects the candidates according to the following criteria:

  • Validation of the semester preceding the mobility ; 
  • Academic results ; 
  • Motivation and professional project ; 
  • Language level ;
  • Student assiduity and conscientiousness. 


What are the formalities?

The student has to submit an application file to the Erasmus+ coordinator of the establishment beforehand (contact details at the bottom of the page) before the deadline on Moodle.


How much is an Erasmus+ grant?

The Erasmus+ grant is calculated according to the rate applicable for the host country for part or the whole of their stay.

Contry Group Host Country Monthly Rate for studies (2019/2020) Monthly rate for Internship (2019/2020)
G1 Denmark, Finland, Ireland, Iceland, Lichtenstein, Luxemburg, Norway, Sweden, the United Kingdom 270 € - 370 € 420 € - 520 €
G2 Germany, Austria, Belgium, Cyprus, Spain, France, Greece, Italy, Malta, the Netherlands, Portugal 220 € - 320 € 370 € - 470 €
G3 Republic of North Macedonia, Bulgaria, Croatia, Estonia, Hungary, Latvia, Lithuania, Poland, Czech Republic, Romania, Slovakia, Slovenia, Turkey, Serbia  170 € - 270 € 320 € - 420 €

For teachers and staff, please consult the International hub.

Recognition of credits

In the case of mobility for studies, the student must obtain 30 ECTS credits to validate the semester and 60 ECTS credits to validate the year.

In the case of mobility for an internship, the student must obtain 6 ECTS credits for the second year internship and 30 ECTS credits for the Final Year Project (PFE) if the report is submitted on time and the viva voce is a success.


Mobility for people with disabilities

People with disabilities can obtain a special Erasmus+ grant, in addition to their mobility grant. This can cover the extra costs involved in a stay in Europe (up to 100% of the actual costs incurred).

Do not hesitate to contact the school’s Disabilities Officer, Ms Sylvie Guidal, or the Erasmus+ Coordinator directly for more information on the procedure.

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