ENSTA Bretagne : Portrait de Thomas, ingénieur hydrographe et chef d'entreprise

Thomas, an engineer in hydrography and company manager

07 December 2022
Thomas graduated from ENSTA Bretagne in 2011 specializing in hydrography and oceanography, and began his career as a surveyor, a profession that has led him to explore many maritime spaces. He has now settled in France. As head of the Sea-View company, he has just hired a young ENSTA Bretagne graduate to help him in its development.
Class of 2011
Engineer in hydrography and company manager

What was your career path when you left graduate and postgraduate school?

I started my career in the DEME group as a surveyor. Many ENSTA Bretagne engineers in hydrography begin their careers in this type of work.
I used to leave for several weeks to carry out bathymetric surveys. I traveled throughout Europe, as well as in Russia, Australia and Egypt. My job was to conduct hydrographic surveys and ensure data reliability.

After a few years, I wanted to take on more responsibility and asked to be promoted to the position of site manager. In this position, I had to manage up to 17 boats and large teams. In particular, I worked on the huge construction site for the Suez Canal extension.

When did you decide to come back to France?

After four years spent all over the world, I joined a company based in the Paris region providing technical support, hardware and software in the hydrography field. I was only there for a few months.
Then, I joined a public works company located in Valence as head of bathymetry and topography. This involved setting up this department in its entirety, within the company. I really enjoyed this experience but it ended after 18 months as the company was deemed to be insolvent.

Is that when you created Sea-View?

Indeed, the company's closure really propelled me into action. I dared to take the plunge and set up my own business.

On December 1, 2017, Sea-View officially came into existence. The company offers bathymetry and topography services in France and around the world. I work on lakes, rivers, oceans and even sometimes on land, for private companies or public organizations.

ENSTA Bretagne : Thomas avec Jean qui vient de rejoindre l'entreprise

Your company is growing, as you have just hired your first employee?

Yes, it is. In 2020, during the first lockdown, I offered an hydrography student from ENSTA Bretagne an internship in the company. Jean joined me and two years later I offered him a job in the company. He will work on sites and will also be able to support me in responding to calls for tenders.

What do you think of the hydrography education at ENSTA Bretagne?

The Hydrography and Oceanography course is excellent. Thanks to the Category A recognition, I can now respond more easily to certain calls for tenders and customer requests. This provides a guarantee of quality.

Finally, the hydrographic network is very small. I remember I met up with a colleague on projects in France 5 or 6 years after I first met him in Australia. We form a small community.