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Program projects

Every semester, students take part in projects aimed at improving autonomy and active learning.
Most project topics are put forward by ENSTA Bretagne partner businesses.
Project themes by semester:
SEMESTER 1/Bibliography

The bibliographic study is approached as a research exercise: reading then synthesis of the technical and scientific documents.

The objectives are to learn how to gather information, work in a team, successfully complete work within pre-fixed deadlines and write a formatted bibliographic synthesis. The students show proof of initiative, curiosity and autonomy.

SEMESTER 2/ Systems Discovery and Analysis

Semester 2 is composed of 3 projects enabling the first courses to be put into practice.

These 3 projects (the “Informatics” Project, the “Big Challenge” Project and the “Systems Discovery” Project) enable the students to develop their abilities to problematize, comprehend complexity in various fields as well as put their knowledge into practice to answer the issues raised.

SEMESTER 3/ Field Application Project

This Course Unit is composed of project leadership (leading a project…) and project management (multi-cultural aspects, diversity…), systems engineering courses and a scientific and technical pre-project linked to the chosen training profile.

It comprises the 3rd step in the series of projects which aims to increase autonomy and the active acquisition of knowledge throughout the training.

SEMESTER 4/ The Enhanced Focus Project

This enables future engineers to deal with an industrial issue proposed by a business in the field of mechanics, information technologies, or hydrography. Grouped into small teams (2 to 5 students), the future engineers are required to apply a project management approach to satisfy the industrial objectives defined by the project initiator.

This major project enables the students to apply their scientific and technological knowledge, make contacts, establish the scope of the subject and the important technical choices to respect the deadlines. In some cases,
their work concludes with the design of a demonstrator.

A second project is proposed to students who opt for the long semester with a choice of either an introduction to research or entrepreneurship.

SEMESTER 5/ Enhanced Focus Systems Project

This enables students to work on concrete subjects comparable with those that they will meetcarry out in their future career.

In order to confront this real industrial issue, in relation with their in-depth study path, the student engineers are called upon to review and apply their knowledge as well as demonstrate their initiative. This is not an academic exercise with a single solution. Within their teams, the students have to envisage different scenarios and choose the answer that seems to them to be the most suitable for the objectives and constraints imposed, in the time allowed.