ENSTA Bretagne : partenariats en France, double-diplôme

Double degrees and partnerships in France

ENSTA Bretagne has ties with several French universities and Grandes Écoles, making it possible for the school to offer double degrees or a year of specialist study. These partnership agreements allow students to personalize their curriculum.

Important note: To earn a Diplôme d'ingénieur (MSc in Eng.) from ENSTA Bretagne, you must validate at least 3 semesters on our campus. Some of these partnerships are therefore not open to students enrolling in the 2nd (Masters 1 equivalent) or 3rd years (Masters 2 equivalent) of ENSTA Bretagne engineering programs.

Earn a double degree at a French partner establishment

  • Audencia Business School, Nantes     
    • Management Master (Grande École): 19 majors in finance, marketing and management. 4-year program: 1st and 2nd years at ENSTA Bretagne followed by 2nd and 3rd years at Audencia


  • Schools in the Polyméca network
    Earn a degree in 2 years from one of the Polyméca network schools (1st and 2nd years at ENSTA Bretagne followed by 2nd and 3rd years at one of the schools listed below); choose from 33 majors in mechanical science and IT.
    • ENSEIRB-Matméca (Bordeaux)
    • ENSIAME (Valenciennes)
    • ENSIL- ENSCI (Limoges)
    • ENSMM (Besançon)
    • ISAE ENSMA (Poitiers)
    • Supméca (Paris)
    • SeaTech (Toulon)
  • École Navale (French Naval Academy, enrollment restricted to French nationals)    
    • Naval Officer, École Navale engineering graduate (for civilian students only). 4-year program: Years 1st and 2nd years at ENSTA Bretagne followed by 2nd and 3rd years at École Navale.


  • École Nationale Supérieure d'Architecture Paris La Villette (ENSA PLV)
    • DPEA (specific French architecture school degree) in Naval Architecture for students in the Advanced Master in Marine Engineering or Naval and Offshore Architecture.


  • ENSG (National School of Geographic Sciences), Marne-la-Vallée    
    • 3 majors in geographical information (for civilian students only) for hydrography students. 4-year program: 1st and 2nd years at ENSTA Bretagne followed by 2nd and 3rd years at ENSG Lorraine.


  • Earn a Master at university

    ENSTA Bretagne offers students the opportunity to pursue a Research Master in their final year, and co-grants a number of degrees with IUEM (Institut Européen de la Mer) and the Universities of Brest, Angers and Poitiers, among others.
    For example, ENSTA Bretagne Engineering and Business Science students in their 5th semester can simultaneously pursue the 2nd year of IAE Brest’s General Business Administration Master, specializing in organizational administration, management and economy (AMEO-AGE).

Participate in an exchange or follow a complementary program at a French partner school


  • IMT Atlantique: 1- or 2-semester exchange
  • ENSTA ParisTech: final-year exchange
  • École Polytechnique: IETA (military engineering) students can pursue a Master
  • ENS Cachan: Research Master degrees and preparatory training for the agrégation (French education system competitive exam)
  • ISAE Supaéro: IETA students who opt for an aeronautics major at the end of their 1st year can transfer to (depending on their academic results) and obtain their degree from ISAE Supaéro. Civilian students can do a final-year exchange at ISAE Supaéro.
  • INSTN (National Institute for Nuclear Science and Technology): specialization year in atomic engineering
  • Télécom ParisTech: final-year exchange

Other majors: management, architecture, nuclear, business, etc.

  • Sciences Po Rennes: academic partnership in the fields of marine renewable energies and maritime project management
  • Pépite Bretagne Brest: students with national étudiant-entrepreneur status can obtain a university degree