ENSTa Bretagne : cours intensifs de français langue étrangère (FLE)

Learning French

ENSTA Bretagne has two FFL (French as a Foreign Language) and FSL (French as a Second Language) teachers on staff, who are assisted as needed by supply teachers.

Helping international students learn French

Summer intensive courses  

Upon arrival on campus in August, all non-Francophone students begin their school year a little earlier than their Francophone counterparts by following an intensive FFL course (3 hours/day). 

Besides improving their knowledge and use of French, these classes are designed to help students understand the French higher-education system and adapt to life in France. They aim not only to assist students in achieving academic success, but also to smooth the way for their social and cultural integration.

Continuous language learning 

Students enrolled in the following programs attend French classes throughout the year:

  • 1st and 2nd years of the Diplôme d'ingénieur (i.e. MSc in Eng.)
  • Master 1

Students in these programs attend weekly FFL or FSL classes focused on the writing skills (e-mails, resumes, reports, etc.) and oral skills (presentations, debating, etc.) they require to successfully complete their studies in France. 

Long-term assistance

In complement to these classes, Cellule AcOr is present on a daily basis to welcome, assist and advise international students.  Learn more about Cellule AcOr