etudiants au foyer des élèves

Foy’z: the students’ common room

THE place to be for ENSTA Bretagne students, the students’ common room is nicknamed the « Foy’Z” and is managed by the students.
DAY/Billiards, table football, large sofas, the place is ideal for a break with your friends.
NIGHT/ Many theme evenings are organized attracting up to 250 people

The Foy’z is a friendly place where everyone is welcome. Respecting the building and other people is essential and all the team are there to keep an eye on things. More than just the venue for the unforgettable freshers’ evenings, it rapidly becomes the best place to share some quality time with your friends. We have fun, we chat, we take advantage of the billiards and table football, or just relax watching a good film on a Sunday evening. All that just a few meters away from your room in the hall of residence. It really is the heart of ENSTA Bretagne.

Richard, president of the Students’ Common Room 2019/2020

ENSTA Bretagne : soirée blanche
ENSTA Bretagne : soirée étudiante
ENSTA Bretagne : Soirée Jam Session avec le club musique
ENSTA Bretagne : Soirée étudiante thématique Poker au foyer des élèves
ENSTA Bretagne : Foyer des élèves
ENSTA Bretagne : soirée au Foy'z animée par les DJ de la YESS
ENSTA Bretagne : Groupe d'étudiants réunis au Foy'z
ENSTA Bretagne : soirée étudiante thématique au Foy'z autour de la Mer

The main opening times of the Foy’z

The Foy’z is open at different times of the day (between 8.00 and midnight). The times vary from day to day as the students who manage the Foy’z (the Foy’z Men /Women) have to be free and not have lessons. It is generally open at lunch break (a lot of students go there for tea or coffee after lunch) and at the end of the day, after lessons as well as on Thursday afternoons.

The Foy'z Men/Women

The Foy’z Men/Women manage the place : they ensure the opening, entertainment during the day and evenings, stock management, cleaning, security etc.

The mixed team is made up of about twenty students and co-operative (apprentice) engineers in the 2nd and 3rd years. They sign up for one or two years.

Those who sign up for the Foy’z are motivated to take an active role in students life. They have spent time at the Foy’z and have got to know the former team.
They must apply individually to show their motivation (it is not a professional style application like for an internship, they have to demonstrate creativity). Applications are usually received in March/April after the BDE (student union) elections. When the new team is formed, a training weekend is generally organized for the end of April, enabling the handover.

One evening: one theme

  • Every Tuesday and Friday, little challenges are organized. These evenings a especially popular at the beginning of the year as they enable the new students to get to know the older ones.
  • Wednesday evenings are the theme evenings: casino evening, Jam Session in partnership with the music club, blind test, billiards tournament, etc. Wednesday evening is also when the "terroir"* evenings take place.
  • Thursday evening is reserved for evenings organized by the school’s associations and clubs. For these evenings, the Foy’z is emptied of its furniture to be able to hold as many people as possible and allow everyone to dance. Each of these evenings has a particular theme and students are invited to come disguised: work site evening, sea and sealife, Wall Street, Halloween, Christmas, Chavs and tuning…

One evening can count up to 250 people (for the biggest induction evenings).

* During the « terroir » evenings (organized by the BDE head of "terroir"), they serve typical meals: hot dogs, Breton evening with crepes and galettes (Breton pancakes), Texan evening with chili con carne, regional evening where students present the typical food of their region…