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Steve: Consultancy entrepreneur

18 November 2015
After graduating from ENSTA Bretagne with an IT major, Steve moved into the finance sector. His entrepreneurial spirit led him to set up an IT consultancy in November 2014.
Class of 2010
Consultancy business owner

Steve discovered the world of finance during his final-year internship, where he was working on C++ software used by traders to place stock market orders. The work captured his enthusiasm and he decided to continue in this field.

In his first job with an IT consulting agency, he developed software for the BNP Paribas investment bank. He became interested in the links between the front office (orders passed by traders on the stock market), the middle office (risk management), and the back office (accounting). The software used was developed using Java and TIBCO Business Works technology, a communications and data transformation middleware that enables the interconnection of several pieces of software in an information system.

Steve's entrepreneurial spirit led him to create JDATA Consulting in November 2014.

He assists large companies with complex information systems in the setup and maintenance of ESBs (Enterprise Service Bus). Data protection and customization are at the heart of his work. He recruited his first employee in 2015 and plans to continue hiring in 2016 and 2017.

"I want to tell all the future engineers at ENSTA Bretagne that there's an unimaginable variety of careers available to them when they graduate. Seize the opportunities that present themselves to you, and don't be afraid to start your own business!"