ENSTA Bretagne : rentrée des étudiants internationaux

Accreditation "Welcome to France" with 3 stars

The objective of the "Bienvenue en France" or "Welcome to France" award, created by Campus France in 2019, is to certify the quality of international students’ reception in higher education establishments, universities and graduate schools.
The results of the second round of awards are just out. ENSTA Bretagne has achieved the top level of recognition, by being awarded 3 stars, and is now in the elite of engineering schools in France having obtained this distinction.

To prove the quality of international students’ reception in the establishments, the candidates for the “Bienvenue en France” or “Welcome to France” award must satisfy 20 exacting criteria organized into 5 main categories: 

  • Quality and accessibility of information
  • Quality and accessibility of reception facilities
  • Quality and accessibility of education
  • Accommodation and quality of life on campus
  • Quality of post-graduation follow up

ENSTA Bretagne answered all the questions and provided all the proof required in the application file to demonstrate the quality of its student reception of students, in particular its international students.

ENSTA Bretagne, a world-class school

  • 20% international students on Brest campus
  • 100% student engineers have extensive international experience during their training
  • ENSTA Bretagne is part of a network of 90 partner universities in 30 countries and offers numerous double degrees.
ENSTA Bretagne : labellisée "Bienvenue en France" 3 étoiles pour l'accueil des ses étudiants internationaux