ENSTA Bretagne : Pyrotechnie et Propulsion

Specialized Advanced Master in Pyrotechnics and Propulsion

The aim of this course is for students to understand combustion, deflagration and detonation phenomena. These physical phenomena are characterized by high temperatures and pressure, reached in a short period of time.
High-level expertise is needed to successfully incorporate these phenomena into complex mechanical systems.

To analyze and design a pyrotechnic device and ensure its integration into a mechanical system (plane, rocket, vehicle, weapon…) taking into account the regulatory and phenomenological constraints.

  • Compressible and reactive fluid mechanics
  • Chemistry of energetic materials
  • Solid propulsion
  • Digital processing and simulation methods
  • Pyrotechnic regulations
  • ...
Strong points of the program
Numerous fields of application

The pyrotechnic and propulsion techniques studied are extensively used in various industrial sectors:

  • The aerospace industry (rocket propulsion, satellites…)
  • Defense (missiles, military explosives…)
  • The automotive industry (airbags, seatbelt pretensioners…)
  • Public works (mines, worksites, quarries…)
  • Industrial hazard prevention (site cleanup, fires, explosions…)

At a time of heavy spending on defense and aerospace programs, industrial companies are eager to hire these pyrotechnics and propulsion specialists to meet the challenging demands of their clients, both in France and abroad.

This Advanced Master program also offers a gateway to PhD studies.

A unique program in France

ENSTA Bretagne offers the only pyrotechnics Advanced Master program in France. ENSTA Bretagne’s expertise in this field is the result of extensive experience with pyrotechnics in the defense industry, with which the school has a long history.

Renowned academics and experts

At ENSTA Bretagne, all courses are taught either by permanent academic staff members or by specialized engineers working in the industry: Ariane Group, CNES, MBDA, DGA, Thales group… 
You will benefit from the contribution of experts working in the various fields of pyrotechnics.
You will quickly progress thanks to a teaching method that combines theory and practice.


Adélaïde Gaudron
Admissions Coordinator (French students)
+33 (0)2 98 34 87 01


Zacharie Malicoutis
Project manager - Incoming mobility