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Matthieu, a student in Observation Systems & AI, head of “safety” at the BDE

23 April 2020
After a Baccalaureate in Nature and Life Sciences and two years of CPGE PC SI (physics, chemistry and engineering sciences) then PSI (physics and engineering sciences) at the Lycée Victor Hugo high school at Besançon, Matthieu joined ENSTA Bretagne. A second year student specializing in Observation Systems and Artificial Intelligence (SOIA), he tells us about his academic path and experience in the associations, as head of safety in the BDE team.
Class of 2021
Head of safety in the BDE team

What led you to choose ENSTA Bretagne after the preparatory classes?

I chose ENSTA Bretagne, mostly for its general syllabus. The core subjects in the first year enable you to find out which ones you like and those that inspire you the least. You can quickly see what attracts you and that helps the choice of specialization! During the second year, you can deepen your knowledge in the field that you love and I find that inspiring! 

ENSTA Bretagne also offers several double degrees including one with the Ecole Navale. This was also one of the schools that I targeted during the competitive entrance exams. Currently, I am applying to join this school (I have received a conditional offer and I am waiting for my interview). If I succeed, I will be a Naval Officer under contract for the next academic year. That will enable me to work in fields which are close to the ones I am studying at ENSTA Bretagne, such as radar, sonar and decision-making algorithms.

Why did you choose to specialize in Observation Systems and AI (SOIA)?

The « object » oriented programming and signal processing lessons in the first year really interested me. I was also curious about this concept of Artificial Intelligence, and I liked the idea of being able to study it in a practical way. The SOIA specialization offers a wide range of practical applications in future fields, some of which particularly interest me, such as the defense or medical sectors. Depending on the coronavirus situation, I plan to do an internship this summer in a research laboratory in Turin, in cerebral imaging. 

Do you have any advice for candidates who are hesitating in their selection?

ENSTA Bretagne, through its excellence training in very diverse fields and also numerous partnerships with foreign and French universities, enables you to really tailor your curriculum, your career and to specialize in a field that you are passionate about. That is a real plus from a personal and professional point of view!

Could you give us details on what you do as head of safety in the BDE team?

The BDE (student union) plays an important role in the student life of the school. My role, as head of safety, is to ensure the respect of the venue and participants in an event. For example, during student evenings, I make sure that nobody is behaving in a way that could endanger themselves or others. I am there if the students find themselves in trouble, or are victims of pressure or harassment. This year, I am really proud of having participated in the implementation of the “Angel Shot” aid initiative during the evenings organized by the BDE. I also give first aid for light injuries during sports events and I call the emergency services when that is necessary. It is a strange role as I am only “visible” if there is a problem, but the students feel reassured when I am there, which is very rewarding. 

What will you remember about your participation in organizing student events?

I really appreciated the work done by the previous student union team, and now it is my turn to give something back through this commitment so that other students can profit from the services of the BDE. It is my way of thanking the association. The BDE has enabled me to form a strong bond with my friends, during the BDE campaigns as well as the year, where friendship and good relations are essential so that a team works! A united team of 28 people can accomplish some impressive things! The BDE has organized some incredible things and my role within this prevention/safety hub has been very enriching and has allowed me to gain experience in this field.