ENSTA Bretagne : carte marine du Lac de Vassiviere

Double Portrait: Hydrographers Céline and Amandine

28 May 2018
Céline and Amandine (Class of 2011) are hydrographers. Since graduation, they've worked for the Belgian group DEME. Their work takes them around the world on hydrographic and topographic assignments in the renewable marine energies (offshore wind), dredging, coastal planning and oil and gas sectors.
Céline et Amandine
Class of 2011

This interview was carried out in May 2018 at the ENSTA Bretagne Alumni Reunion Weekend.

Using sensors and digital tools, Amandine and Céline create and update the marine (hydrographic) and topographic maps essential to, for example, port construction, underwater pipeline installation, and artificial island building.

They take measurements on site, compare their results and then use their data to create maps which meet international standards. Data is updated daily so that teams working on site can follow the progress of the project. Their information has to be reliable, accurate and detailed.

Céline and Amandine have a well-defined schedule: two solid months of work followed by one month of vacation for jobs outside Europe, or four weeks of work followed by two weeks' vacation for jobs within Europe. Working for the most part on dry land, they've had the opportunity to explore many countries, as Amandine explains: 

In my seven years in this job, I've already worked in twenty different countries.

"Living on site and working with local people gives us an insider's view of each country." adds Céline. "On my last project, there were 12 people on our team from 11 different countries." says Amandine. "Our teams are multicultural. It's really rewarding to have such a global perspective."

The two young women love their work, with its opportunities for travel and meeting new people. However, they do anticipate settling down a bit in a few years in order to have a family life, but without completely giving up their work in the field. Neither of them can imagine ending her globetrotting experience!