ENSTA Bretagne : de nombreux parcours possibles à l'international
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International awareness

A compulsory period abroad which can be accomplished during the professional period and/or the academic period

During a professional period…

This sequence can be one of two different options ;

  • When the apprentice is within an international group, he can ask to carry out a mission in one of the foreign offices or a subsidiary.
  • If he is in a smaller structure, the employer can grant a leave of absence to his apprentice. In this case, the experience could take place in a university, a state body, or a company. Ideally, the mission should be in relation with the specialist field of the student.

And/or an academic period

The last academic training sequence (in the 3rd year) from September to Mid-February can be substituted by a training period in one of ENSTA Bretagne’s partner universities.


Youna, 2014 graduate

In the last year, I was lucky enough to take a substitution year in Denmark at the DTU University. They offered a course on naval architecture, on materials…It was a great experience! I discovered a new country and a new way of life.
We were five in our class so had excellent mentoring. We worked 8 hours a day, 3 days/week and we also had a lot of projects, which all added up to a very full week.
I strongly recommend other students try this experience which was very positive. In the first month, I needed a little time to feel at ease speaking in English, then, I felt really good, well received and well mentored.