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Ship Maintenance option

This option prepares graduates to hold positions of responsibility in ship maintenance. The teaching covers the means required or useful for carrying out the work, the players and their interactions, and the preparation and running of a ship maintenance period.

The "Ship Maintenance" speciality of the Specialised Master's Degree in Naval Project Management - Ship Maintenance is taught at the Ecole Navale, Brest/Lanvéoc (29) and in Toulon (83) in France.

Admission procedures: Note that for the Specialized Master's Degree in Naval Project Management - Ship Maintenance, Ship Maintenance option, two application forms must be completed:

Fees and payment: The fee for the training course must be paid on the basis of half to ENSTA Bretagne and half to the Ecole Navale.

The teaching of this "Ship Maintenance" option is aimed at training professionnals who:

  • Know a ship's general architecture, the characteristics of its main systems and the need to preserve the main principles of its configuration during its life cycle.
  • Understand the principles involved in drawing up a ship maintenance programme (based on equipment manufacturers' recommendations, regulatory obligations, etc.) and know how to update it (based on wear and tear and operating experience, adjustments between preventive and corrective maintenance, etc.)
  • Know the capacities and operating and maintenance restrictions of port infrastructures and easements required for maintenance.
  • Know how to take advantage of new techniques to facilitate maintenance (CMMS software, predictive maintenance, virtual reality, innovative perspectives).
  • Organise a fleet's availability by monitoring the condition of ships, scheduling maintenance periods, sharing responsibilities between those involved, supplying spare parts, etc.
  • Break down the sharing of responsibilities between maintenance players in commercial contracts.
  • Prepare for and supervise a ship's maintenance period, from supplying spare parts to sea acceptance tests, taking technical and calendar objectives into account on the one hand, and shipyard co-activity and safety requirements on the other.

Detailed Program

UE4 : The ship and its maintenance schedule
UE5 : Port infrastructures and easements
UE6 : New techniques and innovative maintenance
UE7 : Organising fleet availability 
UE8 : The maintenance period in the port 

For this option, part of the courses (more than 30%) are taught in English.