Marc: Founder of EOLINK, specialized in floating wind turbine technology

19 April 2016
After working as an automotive engineer for Renault and then as a teacher in Brittany, Marc enrolled in the Advanced Masters in Marine Renewable Energies to pursue his dream of creating "useful machines".
Class of 2013
Founder of EOLINK

The potential of marine energies is huge, but still largely untapped, and this new and promising field requires the best technical and economic solutions. Innovation is essential to overcome technological obstacles and improve competitiveness.

After completing the Advanced Master's degree, Marc Guyot went to work for the France Energies Marines institute as the technology R&D program manager.

With the experience he acquired there and a couple of years’ worth of hindsight, the EOLINK concept still seemed valid, so he created a company to develop the idea he'd come up with while at ENSTA.

It was while I was doing the Advanced Master in Marine Renewable Energies that the EOLINK idea and patent were born. I was looking for a technical solution to the problem of size in floating wind turbine fatigue.


In the EOLINK concept, the classic single mast is replaced by multiple arms. The structural loads are better dispersed, which improves resistance to wear, and the more rigid overall structure also eliminates the inherent problem of vibration in the mast. According to the company, these advantages will significantly reduce costs.

The EOLINK company was created in November 2015, and the concept was later recognized by the French government's Investissements d'Avenir program. Thanks to funding by the French National Research Agency (ANR), in 2016 1:50 scale trials were carried out at Ifremer. The data obtained in these trials will confirm the EOLINK concept and move it forward.