ENSTA Bretagne : 1ère promotion du mastère spécialisé management de projets maritimes

Paul, a Maritime Project Management Specialized Advanced Master graduate

12 September 2019
Paul joined the first Maritime Project Management Specialized Advanced Master in September 2018. One year later, he explains why he enrolled on this course and what he has gained.
Class of 2019
Projects Engineer at Subsea 7

Why did you to choose to follow this training?

I was an agronomy engineer and a job opportunity in the field of maritime ecology enabled me to go the Middle East after my studies. 

After 3 years abroad, I chose to come back to France for personal reasons and realizing that obviously the maritime sector was for me and that I wanted to continue in this field. As I was not from this background, a lot of the basics on the maritime world and the specific management methods were missing. That’s what I was looking for in the Specialized Advanced Master in Maritime Project Management. 

So, I was looking for an influential school in this field, that could offer me a network that could act as a springboard for my career in France. ENSTA Bretagne, which I had heard about during my initial engineer training, enabled me to be part of the Pôle Mer Bretagne Atlantique, that is to say, the best in terms of maritime industries, research and innovation. The training also offered a major chapter dedicated to the discovery of international and French stakeholders in the maritime world and access to world class companies.

At the end of this year, what are your impressions ?

The Specialized Advanced Master in Maritime Project Management, year 2018-2019 (photo above) was above all a human experience as we contributed to the construction of this advanced master being the first to be trained. Being such a small group led to us being a united group, applying the management methods we had learned in lessons to the small group that we had to lead.

One of the main advantages of the master was that we were mostly with professionals who had years of experience (average age about 30). The advanced master included regional, national and some international (Belgium) staff and our professional status enabled productive discussion, everyone taking advantage to ask questions on experience, share and pass on management ideas and experience.

We also had some lessons with the Master 2 Engineering and Business Science.

Did the training set you off on the professional career path you were expecting?

Thanks to this training, firstly I was able to attend many conferences and maritime fairs in Brest and meet many professionals in addition to those who were involved in our training. That enabled me to create a network in France and also meet new Specialized Advanced Masters and finally find a professional thesis internship (the right term to describe the 6 month internship included in the training). Having worked in an SME before joining ENSTA Bretagne, I wanted to do my internship in a leading company in the maritime field. Without ENSTA Bretagne and the training, I could not have joined the company Subsea 7, world leader in engineering and the installation of maritime equipment for the petrochemical industry and marine renewable energies.

The sociology and management study that we accomplished for the professional thesis was highly regarded by the industrialists who do not often have the opportunity or the skills to stand back and take stock of their activity. Today, I have been hired by Subsea 7, I know the international and French stakeholders, have advanced skills in management and human science, have even gained skills in maritime law, and have obtained a permanent position. And the cherry on the cake, I am getting married next year…mission accomplished!