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Coming to study at ENSTA Bretagne

Each year, ENSTA Bretagne welcomes numerous students from around the world. They enroll in the same programs as French students: engineering program, Master’s and Advanced Master’s degree programs. An international student welcome event is organized at the start of the school year.

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ENSTA Bretagne : Diplômes
An exchange student

Are you interested in attending ENSTA Bretagne for 1 to 4 semesters through a university exchange program (Erasmus, Ampère, FITEC, etc.)?

We offer a wide variety of engineering program options


a free mover, BSc graduate or equivalent

You can apply to a wide range of programs in Marine Engineering, Mechanical Science, IT and Human Science for Engineers.

  • Master's degree (equivalent to an MSc): a 2-year program for BSc or equivalent graduates
  • Engineering program (equivalent to an MSc in Engineering): a 3-year syllabus for BSc or equivalent graduates, or a 2-year program for 1st-year Master's graduates

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    a free mover, MSc graduate or equivalent

    You can apply to our Advanced Master's programs to earn a complementary degree, or join our research teams as a PhD student.

    • Advanced Master: a 1-year program for MSc graduates (or BSc graduates with several years of professional experience) 
    • PhD: a 3-year program for MSc degree holders

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    Thibault Cassin
    Project manager - International academic network and scientific cooperation
    +33 (0)2 98 34 89 01


    Zacharie Malicoutis
    Project manager - Incoming mobility