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Julien Ogor

PTR3: Structures, fluids and interactions

This research work conducted within the Institut de Recherche Dupuy de Lôme (IRDL, UMR CNRS 6027) focuses on coupled physical phenomena, such as ship slamming in the maritime environment, the hot forming of thin sheet metal structures followed by impact loading until failure, and the laser beam welding process involving energy and mass transfer.

Research focus

  • Fluid-structure interactions: the study of structures interacting with mostly incompressible and Newtonian fluids.
  • Dynamic behavior of materials and structures: response characterization and modeling for continua and discrete structures, mainly under dynamic loading.
  • Shocks, impacts and detonics: the study and modeling of ballistic impact and shock phenomena in complex environments.


  • Hydrodynamic impact, experimental approach and modeling
  • Numerical methods involving a large number of variables, instability prediction and bifurcation flow monitoring (low Reynolds number)
  • Behavior model development to describe the static (forming) and dynamic response of complex continua
  • Experimental demonstration of specific transient behaviors
  • Dynamic measurement of fields of state variables
  • Using simulation models and tools reliable enough to process all couplings while limiting the calculation time.


Modeling, numerical simulation, experimental mechanics, materials and structures, dynamics/shocks/impacts, fluid-structure interactions.

Examples of research programs in which ENSTA Bretagne is involved:

A probabilistic approach to wave impact loads on naval structures. The goal is to improve the precision of the numerical models used in ship design, taking into account the wave impact loads. This approach is designed to take better account of the repetitive nature and variability of such loads experienced by the ship throughout its service life. The expected gain in precision will help reduce weight and limit damage, while increasing ships’ service life.


Composites with structural lightweight armor (in collaboration with the PTR2)


Yves-Marie Scolan
Associate Professor
"Structures, fluids and interactions" team, IRDL laboratory (UMR CNRS 6027)
+33 (0)2 98 34 88 91