ENSTA Bretagne : résidence des élèves

Student services fee (CVEC)

The student services fee (CVEC) contributes to extracurricular activities and campus facilities, and is compulsory for all students (including co-op students). For the 2022–2023 school year, the fee is €95.

A compulsory fee

To obtain proof of payment

  1. Create an account or connect to your existing account on MesServices.Etudiant.gouv.fr (French-language site)
  2. Enter the city where your school is located: Brest
  3. Pay the CVEC fee or declare yourself exempt (see conditions for exemption below)
  4. Obtain your proof of payment

Who has to pay this fee?

All students must pay the fee, with the following exceptions:

  • students in professional training programs whose tuition is paid by their employer or training agency
  • international exchange students studying in France through an agreement between their university and ENSTA Bretagne
  • bursary students (students who have submitted or will submit a bursary request can wait to receive the results of their request before paying the CVEC)

Where do I submit my proof of payment?

When you receive your 2022–2023 proof of payment, you must upload it to your personal online space (Aurion).