ENSTA Bretagne : cérémonie de parrainage (baptême) de la promotion 2018 par Airbus Safran Launchers
Julien Ogor

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There are many not-to-be-missed events on the ENSTA Bretagne school calendar, some of which are jointly organized with our corporate partners. Learn more about these highlights and get the dates in your diary!
Events organized with our corporate partners
NOVEMBER : Student Alumni Forum (FED)

This ENSTA Bretagne Alumni Association event provides an opportunity for engineering students to meet alumni and learn more about engineering careers while expanding their networks.

DÉCEMBER : Forum Ouest Avenir

Forum Ouest Avenir is jointly organized by several prestigious Brest schools to bring young graduates together with companies recruiting for internships or jobs.

JANUARY TO APRIL: Class Sponsorship

Every year, representatives from one of the school's corporate partners spend a day or half-day with their sponsored 2nd-year class. Sponsors return to the school the following year to attend the class graduation ceremony.

JANVIER : 1st-year internships

1st-year students begin their internships at the end of December or beginning of January. Students in other years of study begin their internships in March or April. 

FEBRUARY AND MARCH : Supervised engineering projects

3rd-year students present the results of their group projects over several weeks.

MAY : 2nd-year project presentations

Over 18 weeks, 2nd-year students develop technical solutions to problems submitted by businesses (students and teachers jointly select project subjects from submissions).



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Project manager - Corporate network
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