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Christophe, Light Helicopter Program Manager

04 February 2016
As a light helicopter program manager, Christophe works on new developments in the Ecureuil family of helicopters (the H125 and H130).
Class of 1995
Light Helicopter Program Manager

"I see my career as a sea voyage where I'm steering a course to my destination and have to tack back and forth to get there. I had a double objective in my sights: to work abroad, and to work in aeronautics. Maintaining these two elements in my career has kept me passionate about it. You have to create opportunities, or at least grasp them!"

The fleet of helicopters Christophe manages is a large one, and some have seen a lot of service. "Just like in the automotive industry, there are some models that have been around for a long time, but they keep evolving." Every year, new models come out of the Marignane production facility.

As a program manager, Christophe works with a multidisciplinary team encompassing engineering, production, customer service, purchasing and finance. He ensures that all these departments work smoothly together. New product developments in his program also bring him into contact with the marketing department, which analyses clients' needs and expectations.

Christophe is in regular contact with international partners on specific projects. "We periodically review standards to better respond to market needs, and we regularly offer new options. Many different services are impacted by each system update, and my role is to coordinate everything and enable us to meet deadlines and cost and performance objectives."

Christophe’s words of advice for ENSTA Bretagne students:

"Your general engineering training will give you access to a wide variety of jobs and sectors. Extra-curricular activities are also important, so get involved with the Student Union and sports. Keep an open mind, heart and spirit."