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Lisa, co-operative (apprentice) engineer in Naval Architecture

11 May 2020
Lisa is a co-operative (apprentice) engineer in Offshore ad Naval Architecture. She divides her time between the Piriou Company and ENSTA Bretagne. She explains why she chose co-operative training and what this study format has brought her.
Class of 2022
Co-operative (apprentice) engineer in Offshore ad Naval Architecture

Can you describe your academic path before joining ENSTA Bretagne?

After an upper second in the scientific Baccalaureate in Earth and Life Sciences, and a technical degree in Mechanical and CIM Engineering, I joined ENSTA Bretagne. 

Why did you choose ENSTA Bretagne?

As I had always been attracted by the maritime environment and nautical sports, my objective was to work in the naval sector. The Offshore and Naval Architecture option offered by the school seemed to be the logical progression for my studies.

What happened when you arrived at the school? 

I arrived at ENSTA Bretagne on the induction weekend. So there then followed the induction week with students from the second and third years from the school. It was really great, we all got to know each other quickly and form a solid bond. Then, my co-operative training really began, with one month in my company.

Why did you choose co-operative (apprentice) engineer training?

After 2 years at the technical university in continuous adult education, I wanted to take my first steps in the professional world.
Co-operative training was the best solution so that I could continue my studies and gain that really important first professional experience.

What has it brought you?

Thanks to this training, I managed to become part of the company, acquire practical education and be financially independent.

In what company and which service are you doing your co-operative training?

My co-operative training is within the Piriou Shipyard based in Concarneau. For the three years, I plan to progress within the company’s three study offices: Architecture, Design and Industrialization. At the moment, I am in the Architecture office.

Is it easy to combine time in company and in school?

The pace in company and the pace in school are very different, but they complement each other very well even so. The fact of having approximately two month periods in each, enables substantial time in school to be able to take part in student life, and also to follow interesting projects in company.

How did the confinement period go?

For the confinement period, I only had two weeks of my academic sequence to go, the tests were supposed to start but were put off until the beginning of June (the start of our next academic period). For the moment, I am on my professional sequence, and telecommuting is impossible for me, so I have been placed on part-time unemployment until the situation improves.

Do you have any advice for potential co-operative students who will soon be looking for a company?

For me, at the end of my technical degree, I did an internship at Piriou. This experience enabled my to discover the company and confirmed my decision.

How do you see your professional career?

Firstly, I would like to continue my activities in the company where I am currently working. Later, I want to become a naval architect.