ENSTA Bretagne : Systèmes Numériques et Sécurité

Design of Computing Systems

Formation-Satellite en orbite télécomunications

This program focuses on the design of communicative digital systems, including telecommunications, digital circuits, IT and security. Taking a systemic approach to security (cybersecurity, operating safety and personal data protection) enables the design of more reliable and durable systems.

The many research projects carried out by ENSTA Bretagne's Lab-STICC research professors feed back into the program. Researchers develop high-quality methodological approaches based primarily on software engineering for embedded systems and on model-driven engineering related to cybersecurity issues.

Program strengths

A comprehensive program on the cutting edge of cybersecurity

Program courses cover all the bases, from software and hardware architecture modeling and using sensor-collected data, to telecommunication implementation and software development.

System security (electronic and software) is integrated right from the initial design stage.

High-level research partnerships

At Brittany's Pôle d'Excellence Cyber, ENSTA Bretagne intervenes in fields ranging from antennas and analog channels to threat analysis.

ENSTA Bretagne's IT, software radio and cybersecurity research professors participate in numerous R&D programs with civilian and military firms both in France and abroad.

This research team contributes to the Lab-STICC shared research lab, a CNRS joint research center to which ENSTA Bretagne is the 3rd most important contributor.

Renowned experts and extensive experimental facilities 

Reflecting its close ties to the defense sector, ENSTA Bretagne focuses high-level skills on modeling IT and cybersecurity systems, and has created a secure systems experimentation and study platform.

Every year, new equipment is added to this platform through the strategic Cyber SSI program, funded under the 2015–2020 State-Region Project Contract (CPER).

This €2.5 million investment has made it possible for the platform to acquire a calculator, a supervisory control and data acquisition system (SCADA) and a radio frequency bench.

The program
ENSTA Bretagne : systèmes numériques embarqués, robotique
Anne-Emmanuelle Kervella
"Diplôme d'ingénieur" (i.e. MSc in Eng.) program, Design and Computing Systems major
Parcours de 4e année pour élèves Polytechniciens

Cette spécialité est offerte aux élèves Polytechniciens dans le cadre de leur 4e année.

Master in Electronic Systems and Software Design and Security
PhD Program
  • a 3-year program for MSc degree holders (for engineering or Master's degree graduates in hydrography, oceanography, positioning, remote sensing, etc).
  • Enrollment in ENSTA Bretagne and affiliation with the UBL-MathSTIC doctoral school and Lab-STICC (Joint Research Center 6285 of the CNRS)
Master orienté recherche

Le Master "Informatique", parcours "Systèmes interactifs, intelligents et autonomes" est délivré par l'ENSTA Bretagne, l’UBO (Université de Bretagne Occidentale), l'ENIB et l'IMT Atlantique.

ENSTA Bretagne : formation et projet élèves ingénieurs aux systèmes numériques, robotique
Julien Ogor
The Lab-STICC laboratory: from sensors to knowledge

This internationally-recognized lab is an important player in its socioeconomic environment and brings together researchers from 6 partner establishments: ENSTA Bretagne, IMT Atlantique, ENIB, UBO, UBS and CNRS.


Research topics

ENSTA Bretagne participates in 7 of the 11 scientific teams working in the lab, making it the 3rd largest contributor.

Examples of research projects and theses
  • "Cyber-security modelling and analysis framework" research project : Developing a cohesive framework for the specification, formalization and analysis of secure software and hardware architecture
    • In progress since December 2020
    • Funded by the AID (Defense Innovation Agency)
    • This research program is led by Raul Mazo Pena, a research professor at ENSTA Bretagne / Lab-STICC (SHARP Department, P4S team)
    • Find out more
  • KER-SEVECO: Connected Vehicle Security
    • Project funded by the Brittany Region and FEDER
    • Started at the end of 2019 until 2022
    • 3 partners: KEREVAL, Mobility Tech Green and ENSTA Bretagne
    • Led by: Joël Champeau, a research professor at ENSTA Bretagne, UMR (joint research unit) Lab-STICC (SHARP department, P4S team
  • Theses


Joël Champeau
Associate professor
Lab-STICC Laboratory / SHARP Departement / P4S Team


Associate professor
Lab-STICC, SHARP Department, P4S Team


Associate professor
Head of the Digital Systems and Security Major (3rd year)
Lab-STICC, SHARP Department, SHAKER team
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