ENSTA Bretagne : MS MPM

Fatim, graduate of the Specialized Advanced Master in Maritime Project Management

27 January 2021
Fatim has just completed her specialization in Maritime Project Management at ENSTA Bretagne: a one-year Master’s degree after working as a Merchant Navy officer in Senegal, which has opened up all sorts of prospects for her in the maritime sector.
Graduate of the Specialized Advanced Master in Maritime Project Management

Could you tell us about your studies and career before enrolling in the MPM Specialized Advanced Master?

I am a Merchant Navy officer with a degree from the Casablanca Higher Institute of Maritime Studies (ISEM in Morocco), in the deck officer specialism. I earned my Foreign-Going First Mate diploma in 2015 and went to Senegal to complete my officer cadet period. This 12-month training is required to be awarded the officer on watch certificate and to be able to work on commercial vessels. After getting my certificate in 2016, I sailed as a Navigation/Safety First Mate in ro-ro passenger ships until 2018. I was interested in doing the Maritime Project Management (MPM) Specialized Advanced Master, but didn’t meet the admission criteria with the diploma I had at the time. So I returned to Morocco to study for the Foreign-Going Master Diploma, which is the equivalent of five years’ higher education. As soon as I passed it, I applied for the MPM Specialized Advanced Master and enrolled in the course.

What motivated you to enrol in this Specialized Advanced Master?

I chose this Master for the high-quality teaching given at ENSTA Bretagne and the school’s strong reputation in maritime training programs.

I was looking for a course that would enable me to swiftly apply for managerial and supervisory positions in the maritime sector, hence why I chose this Master.

In your view, what are the strengths of the course?

Firstly, the practical side of the course: the Master combines theoretical and practical modules.

During the first semester, I was able to apply the knowledge I had acquired to a project on the recovery of sediments from harborside dredging, led by the startup GWILEN.
We were also able to tour a number of sites including IFREMER, Meunier Industries and Service de Soutien de la Flotte.

Secondly, the diversity of cohort profiles and partnership with Sciences Po Rennes made this year a truly rewarding experience.
Finally, the modules are taught by maritime sector professionals, which is an undeniable advantage in terms of this training.

Could you tell us about your practical project?

My professional assignment took place at Security Solutions in the Connected Intelligence Division of Airbus Defence and Space. This unit supplies integrated systems for border control, protection of critical infrastructure and maritime surveillance. I was in the "Maritime Solutions" team, one of whose missions is to come up with the best possible technical proposal in line with a customer’s requirements. In that regard, my team was responsible for overall production cost determination and used a costing model shared with all of the stakeholders. In a mindset of continuous improvement, my assignment involved consolidating and updating this model based on feedback from projects already carried out.

What’s your verdict after your training?

I am happy with this course as I learned a lot, both in professional and personal terms. I appreciated the quality of the teaching and the support we were given through the Alumni network, study advisors and international relations department.

What have you been doing since completing your training?

I have been back in Senegal for a few months already. I’m now employed on a permanent contract with DEPARENTIS, a company specializing in coastal hydrographic activities (bathymetry, geotechnical engineering, environmental research), inland navigation and harborside services in Africa. My job title there is Project Manager/Port Superintendent.

Any advice for applicants to this Specialized Advanced Master?

Regular attendance, an inquisitive mindset and be organized! Those are the keys to excelling in this Master in my view. Come into it as inquisitive and motivated as you can!