ENSTA Bretagne : Ingénierie Management

Florence: Business Engineer for Cegelec, Vinci Energies Group

17 November 2015
In a few months from now, Florence will be managing her own clients and projects. For each project, she'll need to establish trust with her customer and manage technical teams, a budget and a schedule. In short, she'll be managing an entire project, from the client's initial request to final delivery.
Class of 2015
Business Engineer

Directly after her final-year internship, Florence was recruited as a business engineer by Cegelec, an affiliate of the Vinci Energies Group that provides electricity and IT distribution services for customers in the tertiary and industrial sectors.

"During my training, I soon realized I didn't want to limit myself to a technical field. I chose the Engineering and Business Science major and did a double degree with the IAE (Institut d'Administration des Entreprises) in Brest, which helped me to understand the various aspects of business: accounting, law, marketing and quality, etc. This job, with its emphasis on human relations, has really lived up to my expectations. Every day, I carry out a wide variety of tasks and interact with many different people: clients, suppliers, technical teams, etc."

Florence will spend the 12 to 18 months at Cegelec in training mode, exploring the ins and outs of her future career. After a few weeks spent accompanying technical teams at various work sites, she'll move to the engineering office to learn about IT tools and system modeling. The last part of her training with be spent working in tandem with a business manager on micro-projects.