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Start-ups and escape games, Rémi is at your service

25 May 2020
Rémi is an enthusiast, an all-rounder who does not want to be pigeonholed in one field. After seven years spent in an underwater robotics company, he decided to create his own company. He is involved in many diverse projects: from mechanical design for an innovative start-up to the creation of original devices for escape games.
Creator and director of the Calipsa Company

Could you run through your background ?

From an academic point of view, my background is quite classic. I joined ENSTA Bretagne after two years of preparatory classes for the competitive entrance exams, studying PTSI (Physics, Technology and Engineering Sciences), then PT (Physics and Technology).

Then, I did general engineer training at ENSTA Bretagne. In the final year, I chose to specialize in Computer Science and Automatics.

I was very interested in Robotics and really passionate about the sea. So when I left school and had the opportunity to work for RTsys, a company specializing in underwater drones, I jumped at the chance.
Contrary to what you might imagine, my job was not based on embedded systems but on the mechanics part. Together with my colleagues in charge of electronic systems, I worked on the many robots the company had to offer.

After 7 years, I wanted to give my career a boost. I decided to create my own company, Calipsa: a mechatronics design office.

Almost 10 years after leaving ENSTA Bretagne, you have come back on campus. Could you tell us about the project you are currently working on?

I am back at ENSTA Bretagne to answer a request on behalf of the Ianira start-up. Its management called me in to take a look at the mechanical design of their product. It was a locator and a hydrographic acoustic release unit designed for divers who wanted to mark an underwater location. For example, supposing they find an object underwater, they leave a locator on the spot. The system enables them to go back by identifying the very spot to be explored.

A prototype had already been created. My input is to do with the industrialization of the system. I have developed a new mechanical design which integrates the electronic system developed by ENSTA Bretagne. I am defining the industrialization package, so that when Ianira places an order, the subcontractors will know exactly what specifications to follow and will be able to deliver the finished product.

Outside this project, what are the other activities of Calipsa ?

The Calipsa Company focuses on two key areas. The first is engineering. That means projects such as the one with Ianira.

For the second, I chose to diversify into a really fun sector: escape games. I have developed a whole range of turnkey products for rooms. A novice in computer technology and electronics can easily use my products. These solutions are simple to implement and in a range of affordable prices. The first escape game company I have been working with will soon open a new room. It is located in Saint Nazaire.

To finish, what do you think about your training ?

ENSTA Bretagne is a generalist engineering school. Even if you specialize in one area, you learn to learn. That is what I am still doing every day. It is a way of not getting stuck in a rut, of becoming involved in different projects, different disciplines. I find that fascinating!