ENSTA Bretagne : formation et recherche en énergies marines renouvelables
Darren Coleshill

William, Specialized Advanced Master student in MREs (Marine Renewable Energies)

06 October 2020
William is finishing his year of studies in the MRE (Marine Renewable Energies) Specialized Advanced Master. Fascinated by this sector, he tells us about this training which is unique in France.
William, Specialized Advanced Master student in MREs (Marine Renewable Energies)

What was your path before  joining this MS EMR ?

I did my studies at a general engineering school in Toulouse, in mechanical and industrial engineering. I did my final year internship at CEA Tech (Pays de la Loire) where I worked on the in-service monitoring of power output cables from floating wind turbines. This was my first “contact” with the marine renewable energies sector and I loved it. So I chose to specialize in this field through an MRE (Marine Renewable Energies) Specialized Advanced Master at ENSTA Bretagne.

What were the strengths of this training ?

This training enabled me to comprehend the different energy generation systems at sea and more generally, the specific aspects of the maritime world. We examined both purely technical subjects (hydrodynamics, structural mechanics, electrotechnics) and subjects linked to the environment (physical oceanography, coastal meteorology and so on) and even themes in relation to the local economic and social framework of MREs.

The large number of hours on this field, enabled me to deepen my knowledge in each of these subjects.

During the training, we also visited several sites (Ecole Navale, IUEM, SHOM…) and companies in the sector and we even carried out practical work at sea!

What were the factors behind your choice of training?

I joined the Specialized Advanced Master in Marine Renewable Energies for several reasons :
Firstly, as I explained previously, I did an internship in MREs which proved to be very enriching.
In addition, MRE projects employ major technical means. The challenges are colossal.
Finally, I have been fascinated by the sea since I was a child. For me, Marine Renewable Energies is a source of future challenges!  

Where and on what theme did you do your professional thesis?

I did it at France Energies Marines, it is the Institut pour la Transition Énergétique or Institute for Energy Transition in the marine renewable energies branch. I worked on dimensioning an innovative anchoring system for floating wind turbines. It is a very technical and fascinating subject, which enabled me to learn an enormous amount on the ways of anchoring a maritime structure and the norms of the offshore industry.

What are your plans for the future ?

Today, my aim is to find a job in a study office to continue dimensioning marine structures or a job as an installation engineer to add an “in the field” aspect to my work.
Do you have any advice for students who want to do a Specialized Advanced Master ?
Motivation ! There are many hours to do in a Specialized Advanced Master and your days are really full, but the year goes quickly and it is a fascinating subject !