Junior Impact

Impact, ENSTA Bretagne’s Junior Enterprise

Junior IMPACT is an association under Law 1901, which is entirely managed and staffed by ENSTA Bretagne students.
Junior Impact

Junior IMPACT is ENSTA Bretagne’s Junior-Enterprise, part of the Junior-Enterprise Movement (CNJE). It enables students to complete studies and projects for companies, so as to go further with their studies and gain hands-on experience.

For example, the projects could be market studies or polls, the design of electronic route cards, the creation of websites and so on. The students thus complete their training and discover the different activities of engineers. 

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If the members of IMPACT manage the association voluntarily, the students of ENSTA Bretagne who carry out the studies are paid.

Events/memorable moments during the year

  • RFP (Recruitment – Training – Handoff) at the start of the new school year
  • Regional and National Congress of the CNJE (Junior-Enterprise National Confederation)

Latest awards/activities

  • Organization of the Spring Regional Congress at ENSTA Bretagne (canceled due to COVID-19)
  • Successful award of Junior-Enterprise label end of February 2019. 


  • ALTEN 
  • Junior-Enterprise of Finistère (JEF)
You can contact them to complete missions in the following fields:
Audits and studies

Technical market studies,
Creation of studies and business plans
Questionnaires and polls

  • Project management, risk management, management, marketing

Structural studies
Pre-studies of mechanical parts
Complex system design
Deformation analysis
Fluid mechanics simulations
Pyrotechnic simulations

  • Software used : CATIA (V5), Rhinocéros, AMESim, SAMCEF, BOSS 


Computer science

Creation of mobile and web applications (Android, IOS)
Dynamic website creation
Database management
Network installation

  • Mastery of languages : Java, C, C++; HTML, XHTML, XML, JavaScript, ASP, Flash, PHP, CSS

Digital terrain modeling
Digital image processing
Digital signal processing

  • Software used : Matlab, Scilab, Fledermaus, Caris (Hips, Gis), Geosoft, Geovecteur
Automatic electronics

Perception of the environment
Automobile electronics
Airborne and submarine instrumentation
Electronic simulation
Software modeling
Software validation
State machine studies
Circuit patterns and analysis

  • Software used: Quartus, FlowCode, Abacus, MPLAB Microship, FEKO, AVR, FACE 2.2, ISIS
Office work

Editing and page setting : reports, various preprints
Translation of technical documents into English, Spanish, German, Arabic, Japanese, Italian, Russian, Chinese, Portuguese, Croatian


Junior-Enterprise IMPACT
Student association
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