ENSTA Bretagne : les apprentis-ingénieurs

Co-operative (apprentice) learning program and calendar

In 3 years, ENSTA Bretagne prepares you to become an engineer in studies, design, R&D, production, quality… The program includes periods at ENSTA Bretagne which mix theory lessons, directed study and projects, with periods in companies.

The periods at ENSTA Bretagne are quite substantial:

  • approx. 2-4 months on-campus then in the workplace for the first two years
  • about 6 months at school/6 months in company in the third year

They enable the student engineers to be assigned to important areas of expertise, and to be entrusted with activities which are compatible with their level of responsibility.

The academic periods: The idea of the academic periods is to acquire and improve fundamental knowledge. In addition, they teach engineering sciences and technologies (concepts, principles and methods)for purely technical areas and those relative to company integration and exercising responsibilities.

The professional periods are the opportunity to apply the operational problem solving skills to a real life situation with direct exposure to risks. They enable the concepts, principles and methods learned during the academic periods to be applied and encourages their critical analysis, and even suggestions on how to modify the lessons.

Being part of the time in a company, alternating theory and practice was really enriching. What’s more, we are paid; which is important to be able to finish our studies. We are operational more quickly which is a plus for the company which will recruit us. It is up to us to prove ourselves.

ENSTA Bretagne : Co-operative (apprentice) learning program and calendar
The low number in the group makes it easier to actively participate and absorb knowledge. Every year, co-operative (apprentice) engineers with different backgrounds and profiles form a cohesive and close-knit group on campus.