ENSTA Bretagne : travaux de recherche mené sur le campus en pyrotechnie et propulsion
Julien Ogor

Industrial research chairs and shared laboratories

ENSTA Bretagne has partnered with businesses to create Industrial Research Chairs and shared labs. The goal of these partnerships is to work together on shared technological concerns (through the creation of roadmaps) and R&D, and to export applicable methods and approaches into the processes and industrial tools of private partners.

Mechanical sciences

ANR Industrial Chair in « SELF-HEATING »

Led by ENSTA Bretagne (Institut de Recherche Dupuy de Lôme) with Naval Group and Safran, including the P’2 Institute. The aim: predict the in service performance of Aircraft and Naval System.

Gustave Zédé

In partnership with Naval Group, this lab carries out research into fatigue in materials and naval structures.

Computation mechanics

ENSTA Bretagne has joined the PSA Group’s « Computational Mechanics » Open Lab, alongside Mines ParisTech, the Ecole Polytechnique and ENSTA Paris.

Censta BZH

In partnership with Centigon, this lab carries out R&D for automotive pyromechanisms, vehicle armoring and digital modeling of ballistic impacts.

Information & Communication Technologies


« Transnum » aims to create new autonomous systems to observe and monitor the marine environment. It was created by Thales, ENSTA Bretagne and ISEN Ycréa Ouest.


This shared lab, in partnership with Thales DMS, works on improving distributed and autonomous sensor network performance for detection and automatic identification in the marine environment. One of its main areas of focus is the development of reliable and secure robotic technologies. 


This lab is shared with Thales TOSA and carries out research into technology for microwave frequencies, antennas and guidance for embedded systems.  

Naval systems cyberdefense chair

At the beginning of 2019, ENSTA Bretagne joined the naval systems cyberdefense chair of the Ecole Navale, alongside IMT Atlantique, Naval Group and Thales.  The research focusing on mathematics and computer technology, aims to detect attacks and protect and defend equipment from attacks.


The activities of this joint research and innovation laboratory between Naval Group and ENSTA Bretagne concern the design and development of intelligent naval embedded systems.