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AI & Ocean Department

The activities of the "AI & Ocean" Department are characterized by a strong interdisciplinarity. They focus on AI applied to the marine environment, in interaction with other scientific and technological fields such as offshore technologies, observations from space, physical oceanography, hydrography, marine ecology and maritime surveillance.

Research areas

The scientific objective of the AI & Ocean Department takes the ocean into account as a complex system, with physical, biological and ecological interactions, as well as human activities (maritime traffic, coastal planning, marine resources, environmental monitoring, etc.). 

The AI & Ocean Department is organized around three specific research areas, to which the Department’s three research teams contribute: 

  • AI & perception of marine environments (ROBEX, OSE and M3 teams), 
  • AI & robotics for exploration (ROBEX team) 
  • AI & ocean and marine data (M3 and OSE teams).



  • Knowledge of the marine environment
  • Environmental monitoring
  • Management and safety of offshore human activities
  • Maritime & coastal planning


Organized into 3 research teams 

ENSTA Bretagne contributes to the 3 teams:


Pierre Bosser
Associate Professor in Hydrography, Oceanography
IT Department
Lab-STICC Laboratory / AI&Ocean Department / M3 Team