ENSTA Bretagne : formation en systèmes numériques et sécurité
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Design of Computing Systems

This specialization provides you with a system approach for software systems, integrating security problems. It aims to train general engineers, basing itself on computer science and software engineering and covering the entire development cycle, taking full account of software and system security.

Training software development engineers capable of taking account of development specifications and including software security.

Course content:

•    Digital circuits
•    Software engineering, compilation and object architecture
•    Exploitation system architecture
•    Modeling and formal verification
•    System engineering and company expansion
•    Information security
•    Networks and security
•    Analysis of malware and reliable software systems
•    AI and security

Une spécialité informatique qui accompagne la digitalisation des entreprises dans de nombreux domaines : industrie du futur, système de défense, aéronautique, web, bancaire, finance, etc… 

Program strengths
ENSTA Bretagne : formation en systèmes numériques et sécurité, cyberdéfense
Systems approach

In this major, students will acquire skills in: 

  • Digital architectures (microcontrollers, microprocessors, dedicated accelerators, reconfigurable circuits, VHDL)
  • IT (object-oriented design and programming, programming and operating systems, networks, operations research, compilation, modeling, Full-stack web technology, verification and testing)
  • Systems approach (methods, requirements, modeling, functional safety, interfaces and behavior)
  • Security (as related to the above disciplines and at a systems level)
  • Project-based teaching: Teams, working with industry partners, apply the Agile method to build full system prototypes. Some projects are linked to research professors' R&D work.
Training that responds to the needs of the industry

Through their study of digital circuits, IT and security, graduates of this program will have the full palette of skills sought by firms in numerous sectors: transports (air, sea, road), Web services, Banking, Finance, Assurance, etc.

Security: the common theme

Security is an essential element of digital systems. Students in this major learn not only how to develop secure software architecture for large systems such as Smart Cities, connected objects and automated factories, but also to model and verify such architecture so as to ensure system reliability and security against bugs and cyberattacks.

Earn a double degree

Students in this major can choose to simultaneously follow the Interactive, Intelligent and Autonomous Systems track of the Master in Computer Science jointly offered by ENSTA Bretagne and establishments in the UBL (Université Bretagne Loire) network. 

Target Careers Activity Sectors

General engineers capable of evolving into:

  • software developers
  • software and system architects
  • consultant engineers and system security auditors
  • system engineers
  • requirement engineers


  • secure systems,
  • security solutions,
  • application software, software and system architecture,
  • web applications,
  • embedded systems,
  • communicating systems,
  • connected objects, etc.
  • Transports (air, rail and road)
  • Defense
  • Banking - Finance
  • ISS (Web services, connected objects and distributed systems)



    ENSTA Bretagne : Enseignement et recherche en informatique
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    Examples of end-of-study projects by students majoring in Design of Computing Systems

    • Development of a graphic interface for viewing and synergistic analysis of altimetry and satellite radar imaging data 
    • Machine e-learning applied to Cyber
    • Development of a web portal for management of technical data in a database fleet
    • Dynamic analysis of malware


    Nicole Pouliquen
    Admissions Coordinator (French students)
    +33 (0)2 98 34 87 01


    Johanna OGON
    Erasmus+ Coordinator
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