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Our partners and networks

ENSTA Bretagne is at the hub of a vast network of industrial, scientific and technical partners. Both through its teaching and research, the school fosters strong ties with many companies, research organizations, and public and private structures.

Interactions with businesses are particularly prominent, both in teaching and research, across all the disciplines covered by the school.

Each year, new partners join this dynamic network, with a view to:

  • recruiting top engineers
  • offering internships and apprenticeships
  • putting forward study and R&D projects to the students for their applied projects
  • training their teams through professional training sessions
  • conducting research programs or experimental studies with the school's laboratories.

The strong involvement of businesses in the life of the school has many benefits for the school:

  • access to experts to give lectures, join judging panels, participate in conferences and alumni fairs
  • establishment of shared laboratories and research chairs
  • sponsorship of a class
  • financial support.
Calendrier des rendez-vous avec les entreprises
Our networks

Internship offers, job offers, apprenticeship offers, research contract offers, professional training, French educational tax... we have many ties with businesses. Some companies have signed a partnership agreement with ENSTA Bretagne.

Associations and groups
Groups and scientific networks

ENSTA Bretagne is a board member or member of many groups and scientific networks:  


Armelle Guiader
Project manager - Corporate network
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