ENSTA Bretagne : Ingénierie Marine, Architecture Navale et Offshore
Zukiman Mohamad

Younes: Offshore Geodesist

11 May 2015
Since April 2014, Younes has been living in the Netherlands, where he works for Fugro Survey B.V. as a geodesist in the offshore sector. His responsibilities include technical support and improving existing technologies, and he participates in professional training to keep up-to-date on new developments in his field.
Class of 2013

A technical specialist

"Within the Technical Support Department, I work mainly as a technical specialist for ongoing offshore projects: I'm the link between developers and offshore surveyors. My role requires technical know-how and knowledge of the technology in place or under development at Fugro. I also have to understand field conditions so that our product will meet our clients' needs. We're also systems integrators: when a new technology is developed, we validate it and draft procedures for it so that the tool or technology can be used as efficiently and easily as possible. We also train personnel to use these technologies."

Trainer and advisor

"My role also has an advisory aspect. When we're responding to a client request, I can advise on what solutions are possible using the existing technology, and on any necessary adjustments. In some cases, we call on the R&D department to create new solutions."

A business component

"I've also had the opportunity to work in sales. At the last EWEA (European Wind Energy Association, now Wind Europe) renewable energies conference in Copenhagen, I presented a new product developed by our R&D department."

An international team

"In my team of eight, there are people from six different countries! It's a really multicultural group. I also work daily with teams in Australia or the US. My work is international by nature, because I have to travel to visit sites and to participate in conferences. What I like best about my role is that I'm constantly learning. I have the impression that I've learned as much since I've been working as I did while I was still a student at ENSTA Bretagne. I really appreciate the variety of tasks I get to perform in my job."