ENSTA Bretagne : formation d'ingénieur en pyrotechnie et propulsion, décollage du lanceur Vega
CNES/ESA/Arianespace/Optique Vidéo CSG, 2016

Clément, a student in a Specialized MSc in Pyrotechnics and Propulsion

25 March 2021
After his engineering training in the aerospace field, Clément wanted to complete his curriculum with a Specialized MSc in Pyrotechnics and Propulsion to join the defence sector, which appealed to him.
Class of 2021
Student in a Specialized MSc in Pyrotechnics and Propulsion

What was your background before beginning the Specialized MSc in Pyrotechnics and Propulsion?

I trained as an aerospace engineer, specializing in Missile and Space Systems engineering in the Aisne region.

Why did you choose to complete your career with this Specialized MSc?

Defence, weapon systems and associated ammunition systems have always appealed to me. The internships I did and the former students I met finally convinced me to become a pyrotechnical engineer.

How do you feel about your training?

Despite the Covid and remote teaching, the Specialized MSc in Pyrotechnics and Propulsion gave me the technical skills I was looking for. The wide variety of external contributors, their expertise and the quality of the proposed projects are fully in line with the industrial world of defence that I already know in part.

Were you able to visit companies?

We were fortunate enough to be able to visit the DGA Techniques Terrestres (terrestrial techniques) center in Bourges. I have fond memories of moments of unity with the rest of the class and of discovering impressive technical and technological know-how specific to the DGA.

Could you describe an application project you have worked on?

The project I remember most is the Final Ballistics project, because that's the field I want to go into. It involved developing an anti-drone fragmentation charge, making use of cross-disciplinary skills such as the mechanics of materials, trajectography and statistics. It was thus highly challenging from the technical standpoint.

It was also one of the few projects which a few of us were able to get together to work on, which was obviously very enjoyable after all these months of teleworking, as well as being more efficient, of course.

Do you have any advice for students who want to join this Specialized MSc?

Have confidence in yourself and pursue what you are really interested in. It's always worth it.

What type of job would you like to have once you graduate?

I would like to continue in the technical field that most appeals to me: terminal ballistics and become an expert in this field. I hope to be able to continue to work in this technical field for a long time.