ENSTA Bretagne : Formation le jeu d'entreprise

Entrepreneurship: learning to build a business

At ENSTA Bretagne, entrepreneurship and intrapreneurship training is delivered by Human and Social Sciences Department research professors through a variety of channels, including lectures by visiting professionals, role play, and participation in student competitions.
Mixing business with... study!
Support for entrepreneurs

Undergraduate and graduate entrepreneurs at ENSTA Bretagne are accompanied by an advisor who informs them of training opportunities and competitions, and offers guidance for their project.

When the time comes for them to make the transition from project to start-up, entrepreneurs can join ENSTA Bretagne's business incubator.


A status for student entrepreneurs

ENSTA Bretagne is a partner of Pépite Bretagne Loire, and upon request, eligible students can benefit from national étudiant entrepreneur (student entrepreneur) status.

This status entitles them to support for their project from a professor and an external advisor as well as to a wide range of once-weekly entrepreneurship classes (accounting, social media strategies, etc.), and also enables them to begin networking.

Thanks to this status, students have access to the tools required to move their project from the idea stage to business launch.


Training for PhD students

The CDEFI*-certified Business Skills program, open since September 2016 to ENSTA Bretagne PhD students, delivers 70 hours of theoretical Human and Social Science classes as well as a minimum of 30 hours of professional experience. Training is structured around 15 skills, including business operations, project management, innovation, English, etc. The validation of 8 of these skill sets earns participants a certificate (pending their dissertation defense).

*CDEFI: Conférences des Directeurs des Écoles Françaises d'Ingénieurs


ENSTA Bretagne : Victoire à la finale régionale des Entrepreneuriales de Bretagne

Entrepreneurship competitions

Every year, ENSTA Bretagne offers students opportunities to voluntarily participate in competitions. One of these, the national Entrepreneuriales event, challenges groups of undergraduate and graduate students to create a real or fictitious company in 5 months.

The competition is based on the concept of learning through doing. Weekly evening conferences help aspiring entrepreneurs manage various project parameters such as market studies, financing, legal frameworks, pricing policy, distribution, etc.

Groups are accompanied by professionals who support them throughout the evolution of their project. The competition culminates in an evening event during which teams present their projects to a jury of experts. The 1st-prize winner from each region goes on to participate in the national finals.

ENSTA Bretagne students receive regular recognition at this event, winning the Grand Prix Bretagne in 2014 and 2016 and the Prix de l'Innovation Sociale in 2014, among others.

The Engineering and Business Science major: the right tools for building a business

Created in 2010 in response to the needs of businesses in the public and private sectors, the Engineering and Business Science major trains students to combine technical and managerial skills. Numerous visiting professional lecturers participate in courses on project and human resources management, business strategy, the innovation process, etc.

The program offers future entrepreneurs a wide array of practical techniques and methods and feedback from actual business owners, thanks to the participation of sector professionals (for example, the director of a crowd-funding platform and an innovation manager).