ENSTA Bretagne : Ingénierie Marine, Architecture Navale et Offshore
Zukiman Mohamad

Simon: Offshore Engineer

11 June 2015
Simon, a Naval and Offshore Architect, works in Lorient for a small business with international ambitions.
Class of 2014
Offshore Engineer

"SOFRESID is a well-respected small business in the naval and offshore sector. My job is to evaluate the seaworthiness of FPSO (floating production, storage and offloading) vessels. My calculations take into account hydrodynamics and ship movement.

I especially like meeting with clients and other specialists in our team, and the access I have to large volumes of data. I have both an in-depth and overall understanding of each project. My international contacts are based in Norway, the Netherlands, and England. Our testing, whether at sea or in port, mostly takes place abroad.

The major project I'm working on right now is in its construction phase. I have a lot more factors to take into consideration than when we're working on a preliminary draft, and I enjoy that.

I have a fantastic job and an enjoyable lifestyle. I live and work in Lorient, where I do lots of water sports."