Maxime doctorant en pyrotechnie

Maxime, a PhD student in pyrotechnics at the Office National d’Etudes et de Recherches Aérospatiale, the French Aerospace Lab

14 December 2022
Originally from Tours, Maxime entered ENSTA Bretagne after a PSI (Physics and Engineering Sciences) preparatory class. After three years of engineering studies in pyrotechnics, he continued his studies with a PhD studying the simulation of fuel injection in rocket engines: a project fully in line with the career plan he was considering before entering the school.
Class of 2022
PhD student in pyrotechnics

Why did you choose the pyrotechnics major?

I chose ENSTA Bretagne for the Pyrotechnics major, because I wanted to work in the space sector. It is a very complete major and I acquired many skills in the fields of combustion and fluid mechanics applied to propulsion.

What opinion do you have of the course you took at ENSTA Bretagne?

ENSTA Bretagne offers many opportunities and I advise all students to take advantage of them, especially in terms of internships and semesters abroad. As far as the course is concerned, I highly recommend the pyrotechnics major as it is very interesting and comprehensive and involves more than just the design and launching of missiles.

Where did you do your internship and in what field?

On the advice of a teacher, I carried out my end-of-study project (PFE) at the ICARE - CNRS lab in Orléans. With the head of the Institute of Combustion, Aerothermics, Reactivity and Environment, we decided on my subject, and this is how I was able to do an experimental internship during which my task was to measure various flame speeds in order to prevent accidents in nuclear power plants, such as the one in Fukushima.
This experience left an impression on me for several reasons. Firstly, I had the chance to do experimental work, which I could not have done elsewhere, as not all research centers have the appropriate infrastructures. Secondly, I had the opportunity to participate in an international conference in Naples to present a poster on my work and experiments, which was a memorable occasion for me!

Did you enjoy Brest and the student life? 

I was happy to be in Brest, which I think is a vibrant city, ideally suited to student life. The sea and the nautical activities it offers make this city very attractive. Once I arrived at ENSTA Bretagne, I joined the Bureau des Arts (Arts Office) where I was able to contribute to the organization of enrollment .

Where are you working today? 

On September 2022, I started a PhD at ONERA (Office National d’Etudes et de Recherches Aérospatiale), the French Aerospace Lab, in Paris in direct liaison with CNES. During this three-year period, my PhD work will focus on the simulation of fuel injection in rocket engines. The exact topic is "Dynamics and Combustion Instabilities of a Swirling Lox/Methane Flame Under Transcritical Injection Conditions in Rocket Engines."
I entered ENSTA Bretagne with the ambition of working in the space sector, and I can now say that I've reached my goal!