ENSTA Bretagne : spécialité ingénierie et sciences de l'entreprise (double compétence ingénierie et management)

Business and Entrepreneurship Sciences


ENSTA Bretagne’s comprehensive programs integrate aspects of human and social sciences. Specialist training in engineering and business science is also offered to expand students' managerial skills in a global context.

The department's research team focuses on engineering careers and education and contributes, along with its national and international partners, to exploring how adequately available training programs prepare engineers for their careers and to tackle today’s major social issues.

ENSTA Bretagne : ingénierie et sciences de l'entreprise, projet de créativité et innovation

Entrepreneurship and intrapreneurship

ENSTA Bretagne raises awareness of and offers specific courses in entrepreneur- and intrapreneurship (playing an entrepreneurial role as a company employee).

The ENSTARTUPS business incubator assists in the creation of new companies and plays a role in numerous projects directly linked to ENSTA Bretagne's fields of expertise.

Working on campus at the ENSTARTUPS business incubator, young entrepreneurs enjoy optimal conditions in which to develop their initiatives, benefiting from individualized support, cost-free working premises and access to prototyping resource centers.

Management, leadership and cultural awareness 

The varied and complementary teaching methods used in these courses include business games, leadership training, cultural awareness-raising activities and international management workshops.

Researching engineering education

ENSTA Bretagne's Human and Social Sciences research professors study engineering education and career paths. They carry out international research in collaboration with several partner universities, seeking to understand and compare how different countries approach innovation education for engineers.

The program
ENSTA Bretagne : mise en situation de leadership
"Diplôme d'ingénieur" (i.e. MSc in Eng.) program, Engineering and Business Science major
Parcours de 4e année pour élèves Polytechniciens

Cette spécialité est offerte aux élèves Polytechniciens dans le cadre de leur 4e année.

Co-operative engineering program, Engineering and Business Science option
Advanced Master in Maritime Project Management
ENSTA Bretagne : Travail de classe en groupe
Research projects

Several research projects focus on helping engineers learn to innovate (Innov'ing 2020, for example), examining ways of improving education so as to provide engineers with the skills they need to invent and implement their innovations in the wider society. At ENSTA Bretagne, these research activities feed back into course content and teaching methods.


Damien Coadour
Responsable du département SHS
Laboratoire Formation et Apprentissage Professionnels
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Marieke Stein
Responsable recherche du département Sciences Humaines et Sociales
Laboratoire Formation et Apprentissage Professionnels